The Organs and Organists of Exeter Cathedral

This talk will tell the fascinating story of the organs and organists of Exeter Cathedral, beginning in 1284, when Roger de Ropford and his wife and heirs were made responsible for making bells for the cathedral and repairing the clock and organ.

Since then, there has always been at least one organ in the cathedral, except from 1646 to 1660, when the puritanical Parliamentarians who then controlled Exeter banned the use of organs in churches across England and Wales.

The magnificent case which towers above the pulpitum today was originally completed in 1665 but has since been enlarged more than once, notably in 1891, when an extra division of the instrument was added. Who built and repaired the organs of the cathedral down the centuries. How have the organs evolved, and why?

What really happened to the organ during the English Civil War? How badly damaged was the organ when a bomb struck the cathedral in 1942?

Why was it necessary to carry out a major renovation of the organ in 2013 and 2014?

The talk addresses these and many other questions and does not forget the characters who have been appointed to play the organs down the ages.

Tickets £3.

Please call 01392 413174 to book

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Exeter Cathedral

Event Date

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 - 1:00pm