Jonathan Foyle: The Marriage bed of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York

In 2010, a very curious piece of furniture was bought from a Chester auction house, on account of its elaborate carving. Upon delivery, the owner thought it was not Victorian, as advertised, but early Tudor.

That would make it exceptionally rare. But in January 2013 Dr Jonathan Foyle examined it, and began researching in depth its puzzling symbolism and old surfaces. Over the course of 16 months evidence aligned to reveal its astonishing origin - it was the marriage bed of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, made for 18 January 1486. Its importance is immense- it is the only surviving medieval royal bed and the sole manifestation of the ambitions of the new dynasty.

This is the historical find of a generation. Be amongst the first to hear about it.

Dr Jonathan Foyle is Chief Executive of World Monuments Fund Britain. He is a former Curator at Hampton Court with a Ph.D. in Archaeology on the reconstruction of Cardinal Wolsey's palace, and is author of 'Architecture of Canterbury Cathedral' (2013) and 'Lincoln Cathedral: a Biography (forthcoming). He also writes for the Financial Times, where his first impressions of the bed are recorded. He is perhaps best known for contributions to television broadcasting such as 'Climbing Great

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