Tricks for Baju Raya Sedondon Family

Sam Richards
Authored by Sam Richards
Posted Monday, April 19, 2021 - 6:28am

Tired of the same look for the family especially during lebaran? Why not try to look different by wearing a Baju Raya Sedondon family during this raya celebration? There are so many inspirations for baju raya sedondon family on the internet but sometimes we are confused about which one is really good and suitable for our family. You can decide on the family attire based on the different ideas and inspirations from the internet, ranging from colors to design.

Sedondon is also commonly referred to as a family uniform or couple's clothes because of its matching colors and patterns to create a more harmonious look during the big day or any special occasion. As time goes by, baju raya sedondon family have now been designed more fashionable with different kinds of materials and interesting motifs other than just plain or batik. Before deciding on a baju raya sedondon family to wear during the lebaran celebration, take a look at the following tips and recommendations as guidance for you and your family.


Comfortable materials

Comfort is certainly a major factor before you decide to buy a baju raya sedondon family for Lebaran. The reason is that this dress will also be worn the whole day. It is very important to choose the right material especially for young families with children and toddlers. Choose the material of the baju raya sedondon family that could absorb maximum sweat such as high-quality cotton so that it is comfortable on the skin even though it must be worn to celebrate hari raya all day long.

Choose motifs and colours that are not excessive

The next tip is to try to choose a baju raya sedondon family with motifs and colors that are not excessive or too striking so that your look will remain stylish but simple. Moreover, you will need to consider that the baju raya sedondon family will be worn by your husband or male partner so that motifs that are too crowded or colors that are too bright are not suitable for men to wear. Baju raya sedondon family with a monochrome concept is often the top choice as it provides a safe color and is perfect for family photos. The monochrome colors make the nuances of the photo and further strengthen the visualization

Avoid choosing fashionable clothes

Even if you want to look feminine and different with your baju raya sedondon family, pick a style that is modest and minimalist. Any clothes with a slightly transparent material, such as a chiffon, probably don’t suit religious events like hari raya celebrations. Prioritize baju raya sedondon family with styles that are modest, polite and in accordance with religious teachings so that your entire appearance.

The baju raya sedondon family is one of the concepts that are worth trying for the families that wish to capture a memorable moment with the children. Since lebaran is only celebrated once a year, it is best for you to highlight the memory while your children are still young.

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