Things to Consider When Buying A Shipping Container

David Humphrey
Authored by David Humphrey
Posted Monday, November 23, 2020 - 8:04pm

Things to consider when buying a shipping container

The transport industry has grown immensely over time, more so in the freight and shipping sectors. The growth in the number of goods transported from one region of the world to the other can be attributed to the demand for that particular type of goods in different parts of the world. The purchasing power of consumers has seen the rise of the freight and shipping sectors. Before you consider transporting your goods via plane or ship, make sure to use the right transporting container for the right goods to avoid damages.

Consider the following factors when buying a shipping container:


Before going for that shipping container, you should carry out the basic cost analysis and ensure that your goods fit well into the container. The size of the container matters a lot as you would want to ship your goods in a container and still leave ample space to protect them during handling and freight. At the same time, there's no point of buying oversized shipping container that leaves too much space, thus increasing the chances of damaging the goods while handling and transporting goods. Take your time and find out the exact size of the containers that will efficiently fit all your goods.


Spending your hard-earned cash on a quality shipping container will go a long way in serving you from the defects associated with the container which may force you to rebuy one. The choice of the container should be corrosion-resistant and equally be strong to handle the goods. Consulting shipping containers experts for quality containers and especially the ones made from Corten sheet. Ensure the containers have enough and strong locks to withstand the weight of the goods while on transits and should be able to loaded easily to avoid goods spillage or damage.

Purpose of the container

Each type of shipping container is designed to carry a specific type of goods. Some goods are perishable and should be carried in containers that can control the temperature that’s ideal for the perishable goods. 

The following are some of the SCF shipping containers you may consider buying depending on the type of goods you intend to use it for;

  1. Thermal containers: These containers are insulated and got temperature control mechanisms. Certain goods require a specific temperature to maintain the quality and conditions of the goods.
  2. Dry storage containers: This is the most commonly used type of container for transporting non-perishable goods. These containers measure about 10 to 45 feet and did not have a temperature control system.
  3. Flat rack container: These are the type of containers with the capacity to carry heavy loads. The goods are loaded sideways or at the top of the containers.


When you plan to buy a shipping container for commercial use, you need to plan carefully and know exactly what you want to use it for. Do your research from various shipping containers companies, such as SCF shipping containers to get detailed information about the shipping containers you desire to buy.


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