What common problems do people have with their glasses?

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted Friday, July 30, 2021 - 7:12am

A large number of people all over the world need to wear glasses to correct a problem with their vision. With how commonplace glasses are, it is unsurprising that some issues are more prevalent than others. By identifying the common problems people have regarding eyewear, you can help to better prepare yourself for these situations, and even take steps to avoid them altogether. Ultimately, your glasses are there to help you to see better, find enjoyment in life, and even carry out aspects of your day safely, so you want to make sure that any problems are rectified sooner rather than later.


Glasses can be easily bent, especially if they are made of a thin metal. When it comes to fixing bent glasses, you want to be careful that you do not use too much force, or this could cause the frames to snap completely. Plastic frames can also be unbent, however they may require a small amount of heat, such as from warm water, to soften the plastic and make them more malleable. Finding ways to prevent glasses bending in the first place, such as keeping them in their case, not putting them in your back pocket, and even not chewing or playing with the frames, can be much better for them, and keep them stronger for longer.

Lens falling out

If a lens has fallen out of the frame of your glasses, this might cause you to panic, but that doesn’t mean that they are irreparably damaged, especially if you manage to locate any missing screws. Getting hold of a jeweller’s screwdriver set can give you the tools you need to firmly screw the lens back into place. It is important to not use superglue to hold it, as this can damage the frame or lens, and mean that they cannot be used if your prescription were to change. If you don’t feel comfortable fixing them yourself, many jewellers and opticians will also provide this service at a cost.

Losing or forgetting their glasses

It can be all too easy to put your glasses down somewhere, and then not remember where you have left them. Likewise, people also struggle with remembering to wear them on a daily basis, especially if they have not needed glasses for very long. Like anything in life, wearing glasses is a habit that you need to form. To begin with, it can be helpful to keep them in your bag, or even in your car, so they are always to hand. In doing so, in time, it will become second nature to you to wear them, and even store them correctly, reducing the likelihood of loss or forgetfulness occurring.

While glasses can greatly improve your vision, and general enjoyment in life, they are not without their issues. Some problems can be fixed by a little bit of ingenuity, or having the right tools to hand. If problems are more complex, it may be worth revisiting your optician for advice, or even for more extensive repairs.

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