Top 6 Benefits of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Val Watson
Authored by Val Watson
Posted Saturday, April 22, 2023 - 9:23am

With the advent of technology, lab-grown gemstones have become a huge possibility. Today, offers solutions for those overwhelmed by the thought of finding the perfect engagement ring.

Diamonds are notorious for being expensive, which can add to the stress of planning the perfect proposal. Fortunately, lab-grown diamonds have become increasingly popular in recent years and offer a great alternative to traditional mined diamonds.

Why Pick Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds guarantee the same feel and touch as natural diamonds. If you are interested in lab-grown diamonds, here are the top 6 benefits that you will get:

  1. They are still Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds may not be for everyone, especially those who prioritize the traditional and romantic aspects of a diamond ring. Diamonds have become synonymous with engagement rings and are known for their durability, withstanding daily wear and tear and maintaining their luster for decades. Many other gemstones do not have the same strength and can easily become scratched, chipped, or dull over time.

However, do not be misled by the term "lab-grown" - these diamonds are still real diamonds. They possess the same physical properties as mined diamonds, and even experts cannot tell the difference between the two. Lab-grown diamonds should not be confused with diamond simulants like cubic zirconia, which may appear similar to diamonds but lack the durability and properties of real diamonds.

  1. Ethically Clean

When buying a diamond, you may not think about its origins. However, as more people become aware of the stories of child diamond miners, the humanitarian issues associated with diamond mining are becoming more prominent.

The past of a mined diamond can be difficult to trace, leaving your future wife feeling guilty every time she looks at the ring on her finger. Lab-grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment and do not come from unethical mines. By choosing lab-grown diamonds, you can rest assured that you are not supporting unfair and harsh diamond mines.

  1. High-Quality Stones

When searching for the ideal engagement ring, quality is key. Generally, you will want to find a diamond with good ratings in cut, carat, clarity, and color. However, the higher the quality, the more expensive the diamond will be.

Many natural diamonds can have impurities, such as dirt or other flaws, due to the environment in which they grew. This is not an issue with lab-grown diamonds, as they are created in a controlled laboratory environment.

  1. Environmentally Conscious

Diamond mining has both humanitarian and environmental consequences. Diamond mines are enormous and require a significant amount of fossil fuel to power the machinery needed for excavation. Trees and habitats of local animals are often destroyed in the process of diamond mining.

Lab-grown diamonds are more eco-friendly since they do not require as much energy or result in the destruction of natural habitats. They are vegan, and many labs use renewable energy. Therefore, it is both beautiful and ethically responsible.


  1. Affordable Prices

Despite their high quality, lab-grown diamonds are often more affordable than mined diamonds. By choosing a lab-grown diamond, you could save up to 40% on the cost of your engagement ring. This means you can opt for a larger or higher-quality diamond for your partner's ring, or even invest in a higher-quality metal base or custom design that may have been out of reach with a traditional diamond.

  1. Colored Options

While clear diamonds have been the traditional choice for engagement rings, some brides may prefer a little color. However, it is rare to find naturally colored diamonds, which can come at an exorbitant price.

Lab-grown diamonds offer a more affordable solution, as scientists can create colored diamonds with greater control in a lab. The result is a wider range of colored diamond options at a fraction of the cost of natural diamonds.

Since lab-grown diamonds have fewer impurities than mined diamonds, the colors are often more vibrant and consistent. Choosing a colored lab-grown diamond is a great way to add a unique twist to a classic engagement ring.

Final Thoughts

If you are concerned about the high cost of traditional diamond jewelry, lab-grown diamonds offer all the benefits of mined diamonds and more. Additionally, Moissanite is a great alternative to natural diamond rings, and you can explore our collection of Moissanite engagement rings to find the perfect one for you

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