Things you need before enrolling in nursing school

Sam Richards
Authored by Sam Richards
Posted Thursday, March 25, 2021 - 2:04pm

Making the choice to enrol in nursing school is an exciting time for your career. Once you have your start day, you may be wondering about the extra supplies and items you need to make your time at nursing school a success.

As with any study course, there are always key supplies you'll need as a working student, and these supplies will help you reach your full nursing school potential.

Here are six things you'll need before your enrolment in nursing school begins.

  1. Compression Socks

As a student nurse, you'll be spending a lot of time on your feet. The medical profession is well known for long and busy working hours, which can easily take a toll on your legs and feet in particular. Compression socks help your legs to remain comfortable and reduce swelling by encouraging a healthy flow of circulation. So you may want to consider these as an extra for your long shifts.

  1. The Right Face Mask

This is nothing new within the medical profession and during times of virus outbreak, but the right face mask for your shifts will help you to remain protected, feel comfortable and be able to work more confidently. The right face mask should be made of medical-grade protective material and fit your mouth and nose perfectly, without risk of falling off or coming loose.

  1. Nursing Scrubs

When you think of nurses, and see nurses, one of the main focuses is on nursing scrubs. These are essential pieces of medical uniform for working and student nurses. Healthcare clothing not only helps to identify you as part of the medical industry (and, more specifically, your own personal job role), but it also helps to keep you protected and clean.

Therefore, finding comfortable nurse scrubs that you can wear from day one of your enrolment is a must. Scrubs come in many different colours and sizes, so be sure to pick out what you need and what best suits you. 

  1. Stethoscope

Along with nursing scrubs, stethoscopes are key pieces of kit that you may be used to seeing around the neck of many healthcare professionals. For a student nurse, a stethoscope is an essential tool for checking the sound of the lungs, heart, and other organs.

  1. A Dependable Watch

You may want to invest in a medical watch specifically used by doctors and nurses, or otherwise just a watch you can wear comfortably throughout the day. As a busy student nurse, you will need to stay aware of the time, as well as using your watch for medical tasks such as timing treatments or checking the time to mark down on a patient's schedule.

  1. Pocket Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitisation is a must for any nurse throughout the day. Carrying a pocket hand sanitiser around with you can make it a lot easier to keep your hands clean and protected whenever you need to. As a student nurse, your hands will be exposed to a lot throughout the day, so it may make it easier to carry around hand sanitiser in your pocket with you.

Be sure to invest in these six key items for your nursing school commencement date!

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