The Importance of Branding and Labels for Clothing

Sam Richards
Authored by Sam Richards
Posted Friday, October 2, 2020 - 4:18pm

When it comes to business, it is very important that you work on building up your brand. Branding and marketing go together hand in hand, and it’s important that you are able to be identified by your company name or logo, especially in saturated markets where you are competing against many other companies.

Branding is important in that it sets you apart from the others, while at the same time helping your customers to better understand what they should be expecting from you in terms of either services or products that you are selling. In some markets where there is a lot of competition, you will need every little bit of advantage you can get, and branding is one way to achieve this.

The importance of branding

How people perceive your business is vital to your success, and branding plays a key role in this. Good branding can help to increase the awareness of your business as well as drive new clients and therefore income to your company. When it comes to the fashion and clothing industry, branding plays a very important role.

A brand that is well known and with an instantly recognizable logo, for example Nike and their swoosh symbol, gets a lot of recognition, and the logo is vital for this. It is much easier to generate new business with a brand that everyone has heard of, rather than something that is unknown to most consumers.

The establishment of a brand is imperative, as it can therefore lead to promotion of your services or products via word of mouth, which is one of the best forms of advertising and the best form of recommendation. If you were looking for a specific product and a good friend or family member suggested a certain brand because they have got one and are very happy with it, the chances are that you will also go for that brand.

Branding and clothing

The fashion and clothing industry is huge, and is responsible for millions of jobs all over the world. When it comes to clothing such as a pair of jeans, you are going to be competing with a huge number of other companies, all providing the same item, though of course the quality and style will vary slightly.

Clothing labels play a key role in establishing your brand in the industry, especially when it comes to items such as dresses, suits or undergarments where you cannot have your logo, company name or brand splashed all across the front. Sportswear and fitness garments can be walking advertisements for your company, but with something like a suit, it’s a little more difficult to show the brand of the manufacturer.

Labels on Clothing

All items of clothing will have at least one label inside, similar to the wide range offered by the Dutch Label Shop. For most items such as t-shirts, blouses and shirts, the brand label will be at the back of the item on the neckline. These labels will usually be relatively small in size, and will feature the brands name or logo, as well as the size details. Sometimes, depending on the available space, it might also include details about the fabrics used, such as 100% cotton.

There are also care labels that will be attached to most pieces of clothing. These are different from the brand labels in that these are generally purely informational, giving you details of how best to wash or take care of the piece of clothing, and in some cases, a complete breakdown of all the materials and fabrics used for that particular piece.

The importance of labeling in clothing

The brand label you’ll find in your clothing is something that carries with it a sense of authority. It is the proof that the garment is a genuine piece, though there are of course the possibilities of counterfeits. Strangely enough, there are people that pay more attention to the brand of a specific piece of clothing, rather than the actual piece itself.

As long as the suit that someone is wearing is made by Versace, they may not care too much about how it looks on them. The same applies to youngsters and sportswear such as trainers. The brand name of their trainers is much more important to them than how the shoe actually looks or fits.

Types of clothing labels

In addition to the classic care label, which is usually stitched to one lower side of the item, there are various other types of labels that are used for garments.

These include swing tags, which are a label that can be made from a variety of material such as paper, through to metal or even wood. These are usually branded with the company's name and logo, and are attached to a button hole, or the zip of a pair of jeans. These swing tags are easily removable and don’t stay too long on the garment once someone has purchased it.

There are also woven labels, which are among the most popular types for many brands, simply because they will remain part of the item of clothing for the duration of its lifetime. Woven labels also have a sense of quality about them, and are a reminder to the person wearing the items of clothing about the brand and what they stand for. Good quality items will always offer positive reinforcement of a brand, and for clothing companies, this is very important.

Some final words

Branding and labeling are two very important factors in the success of a business in the clothing or fashion market. It’s vital that your brand is one that is associated with quality and comfort, and through the use of innovative branding techniques and a good range of labelling for your products, you are well on your way to achieving this.

If you are on the lookout for labels for your products, then you will find that there are a number of companies operating around the world who specialize in label making. You will easily be able to find the type you want to use for your products and can have them created to your exact specifications.



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