Is fashion becoming unisex?

How men’s fashion is coming more like women’s.

The day has come where ‘hipster’, ‘gothic’ and ‘chav’ are all in the past and men’s fashion has had a revolution. It’s no longer the everyday typical suits nor the casual chord trousers on the weekend. Men like to portray a metrosexual look and the wardrobe is becoming more of an imperative object in life.

In the past women’s fashion has dominated shops with all the extravagant designs and excessive styles and the men’s department has either been upstairs, in the corner or non-existent. Now men have equal space in high street fashions stores and even stores just for them.

The release of meggings (male leggings) is the next big breakthrough in men’s fashion once again making the style more feminine and metrosexual than ever, women are no longer the ones wearing the revealing tops with men being able to purchase ‘low cut’ t-shirts revealing the chest, and men lead the look with the bright colours and floral print shirts, making women’s dresses look like a thing of the past.

Are men and women so astonished by this that they have to have a browse in the opposite department? You walk down the high street and you see many females in oversized checked shirts; more than likely purchased from menswear and you see a man wearing women jeans due to the better ‘skinny look’ fit.

Fashion as it is now is something we are faced with every day, the tackle to choose your outfit each morning probably has caused many more grey hairs than necessary and the aim to look the best has probably all emptied our bank accounts. More than likely, more time is spent on choosing what you wear rather than having a pint down your local pub.

By James Jefferson

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