How to Improve Focus as a Remote Worker

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Friday, February 5, 2021 - 9:12pm

Working from home comes with many benefits, but there are also many difficulties alongside. Being out of the office is difficult for many people due to home distractions and feeling like the setting is too comfortable for work. If you struggle to focus as a remote worker, then don’t fret, as here are some simple ways to improve your focus.

Set Up an Office Space

Dedicate a whole area of the house to working and use it solely during office hours. Don’t worry if you don’t have much room – a desk with your computer will suffice, as there are plenty of ways to make the most out of little space. Only sit there when it’s time for work. Otherwise, your brain will tell you to relax while you should be working.

Decorate the space differently to the rest of the house to give it a separate feel from where you relax. For example, if your house colours are orange and cream, choose very different colours like blues or purples.

Remove Distractions

Removing distractions isn’t always easy, especially if you live in a small place or have a large family. Even if you can’t remove all, you should get rid of as many as you can. Set up your office space in the quietest area in the house without too many distraction items.

When it comes to your desk, only use it to store work-related items such as stationery and paperwork. While a plant or a candle is fine, having too much home stuff like fiction novels and paint-sets will only take your mind off the work you need to do.

Take Time to Relax

One way to lose focus is by forcing yourself to work non-stop. In the end, this will only lessen the quality of your work and cause your brain to go to sleep without actually feeling the benefits of a break.

Instead of putting too much pressure on yourself, make sure you take time to relax before and after work. As much as you shouldn’t make your workspace too homelike, you should also avoid making your home space too work like. If you still struggle to relax in the evenings even by doing this, then CBD could help. have a variety of options to choose from, including edibles, drinks, capsules, oil, and vape, and it could allow you the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day due to it controlling the serotonin levels.

Create a Schedule

A schedule will help you stay on top of work and prevent you from burning out. Just because you’re not in an office doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wake up at a certain time and clock off at a fixed time. The benefit of working from home means you don’t need to be overly strict, but you should still have at least a general schedule.

One part of the schedule you shouldn’t ignore is the breaks. If you plan to start work at 9 am and finish by 5 pm, for example, then fit in a break at around midday to ensure you give your brain the rest it needs to focus.

Get Outside

Working from home causes many to stay inside too much – if you want to improve focus, you must avoid this. While you don’t need to drive your car thirty minutes a day or walk down the road to the bakery, you should still fit some walking in. Take a short walk in the morning or walk to the park on your break to clear your head before sitting down at your desk.

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