Captain & Mrs Jones Award

South Dartmoor Community College establishes annual bravery award

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Authored by David Banks
Posted Tuesday, July 16, 2019 - 8:37pm

Two students from South Dartmoor Community College in Ashburton, Devon, have been named as the first recipients of a new award for students who show bravery or go above and beyond to help others and the community. 

The Captain and Mrs Jones Cup has been set up after a local man Anthony Jones, bequeathed funds to reward students who have positively contributed through acts of courage. His story has been shared by local historian, Chris Robillard, grandparent to several students at the College, in the book Captain and Mrs Jones.

The award is designed in memory of Anthony’s parents, who gave their lives during World War Two fighting for the Special Operations Executive and the French resistance, showing tremendous bravery. This award comprises of a trophy and a £50 Amazon voucher.

This year, the cup has been awarded to Harry Bates and Adam Castle, two current students who displayed bravery and presence of mind during the rescue of student Will Hodge-Brooks, following a near tragic accident in the river at Spitchwick.

An assembly will be held to present the award to the boys, during which the history and background of the award will be explored. Anthony Jones, Chris Robillard, the families of the students involved, and the paramedic involved in the rescue of the student will be attending the assembly, which will be followed by a short reception. 

Dan Vile, Assistant Principal at South Dartmoor Community College said: 

“The establishment of this award is a brilliant way to honour the bravery and compassion that characterise our student body. Harry and Adam are incredibly worthy winners of this year’s award and have shown great courage and initiative. 

“Thanks must be extended to Anthony Jones for his generous contribution, which has allowed us to celebrate some of the members our wonderful community.”