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Sam Richards
Authored by Sam Richards
Posted Friday, November 20, 2020 - 6:16am

It is a worrying fact that according to recent research 60% of children arrive at school already dehydrated. A hygienic and fresh tasting water supply within their school environment is therefore vital to help them to perform at optimum standards and to safeguard their overall health with a fully functioning mind, body, inbuilt temperature management and immune system. A primary school age child needs 1.5 litres of water a day, by their secondary years this is 2 litres plus and as adults it rises to 3 litres of water every day. Two thirds of the body is water. The brain is 75% water.

Excuse the pun, but education is key when asking children to take responsibility for their water intake. With adequate hydration the brain and muscles enjoy excellent functionality, too little hydration and everyone, young or old, suffers from a slowing of circulation, headaches, confusion, dizziness and falls. For children what could be more simple or healthier than consuming filtered water from a specifically designed model of water cooler for schools, colleges and universities where swift hydration between classes or after exercise is required for a high volume of students, perhaps the teachers too?

We emit moisture through perspiration, going to the toilet and even breathing. When someone tells you that they are thirsty, they are already dehydrated. The dry mouth and throat are nature’s way of alerting us that there is an issue so that we can take effective measures and prevent unwanted effects in the body.

For the sake of humans and the planet we need the hydration solution to never be a single use plastic water bottle that ends its days on a landfill site or bobbing about in the ocean. A water cooler that has been plumbed into the mains is far better for the environment in this respect and also in that it requires no production or distribution chain that creates fossil fuels merrily. There are no orders or returns of bottles, no additional administration for increased consumption times. The water never runs out.

Mains fed water coolers cost a fraction of their bottled counterparts. Essentially, your water cooler choice for your school can save time, energy, money, it aids health and delivers less  pollution into the atmosphere and you don’t have to find storage facilities for a supply of bottles on site so you save valuable floor space too.

The water is filtered through a reverse osmosis process so that it tastes superior to tap water and has had the impurities removed prior to being drawn off. It is healthier for consumption. 

You can enjoy free trials of school water coolers with the leading companies. For example Kings Watercoolers offers this solution.

Mains water enabled, high capacity direct chill system that supplies up to 40 litres of water per hour and allows 120 cups to be drawn off immediately.

A three quarter size fountain with wall brackets and an alarm to alert people that there is a leak in the system, if this ever occurs.  The generous dispensing area permits several students to fill sports water bottles simultaneously and there is an optional alarmed splash tray to collect spillages.

Daily self sanitising capabilities for the water cooler’s reservoir with a SIPP sanitising system.

If you already have a water cooler for schools on site, this firm can take over the maintenance for you and respond to calls outs for emergencies and faults.

In a smaller establishment, you may want to consider hands free operation water coolers that deliver exceptional hygiene. In the age of Covid 19, handwashing, disinfecting, masks and staying 2 metres apart, the hands free water cooler is a device that produces confidence and hydration.

When you head to the staff room for a much needed cuppa, why not take advantage of a water boiler and a cooler? Get the right amount of hydration into your system so that you teach well and, when the students have had sufficient liquid, what you say is received, understood and stored better. When was the last time you had some water? You could already be dehydrated. Although many of us know that dehydration is bad for our health, most do not drink enough to enjoy excellent functionality. We tend to stick with the bad practices of our younger years unless jostled into action. it’s much better to take remedial steps.

Water coolers for schools shouldn’t be viewed as a luxury item; they are an essential for successful studies and a happy, healthy life.


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