Exeter School pupils' work selected for the National Gallery Take One Picture Exhibition 2019

Exeter School
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Posted Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 12:24pm

Pupils at Exeter Junior School are delighted to announce that a piece of their collaborative artwork will on display in The National Gallery's 'Take One Picture' Exhibition.

Year 6 pupils worked with glass artist Michelle Keay to create a beautiful double helix glass structure of DNA.

The pupils were participating in a project run by The National Gallery, based upon the artwork by Joseph Wright of Derby, 'An Experiment on a Bird with an Air Pump'. 

The idea behind the scheme is to use a picture as a stimulus and link art to other subjects, this one being Science. Schools can submit their work to The National Gallery with successful entries exhibited at the gallery within a specific 'Take One Picture' Exhibition.

Art Coordinator Claire Handley said: "We are very proud of the learning journey integral to the sculpture and we are excited that our achievements have been recognised at a national level.

"We have been so lucky to work alongside glass artist Michelle Keay and Martin Rose, Head of D.T in the Senior School. Their expertise and skills have helped to bring all of our ideas to life! 

"The children learnt all about the properties of glass; how to create and colour glass; with hands-on experience creating their own colour puddles linked to the colour wheel; and finally all about the double helix structure of DNA! 

"The children have created beautifully coloured glass diamonds, which have been arranged in a double helix design, carefully constructed by our Head of DT."
The sculpture will be on display at The National Gallery from 9 May.

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