Does paying sports really benefit students?

Sam Richards
Authored by Sam Richards
Posted Monday, August 19, 2019 - 5:02am

I hope you are not one of those who believe that sports should be given less attention in schools. Sports have always been considered as an activity that has little to do with education. Many parents, school teachers and even college administrators would rather prefer to focus on academics than sports. Yet, studies from college experts at the benefits of playing sports in High School College are plenty.

As we are going to see, there are many advantages of playing sports. Sports are good for students in many ways like exercise for the body and stress relief from the many high school and college challenges. Below are some of the benefits of sports for students that your students will find useful.

They will learn Leadership Skills

The first benefit of sports we are going to address is that sports can teach your student leadership skills. A student who becomes a sports captain or who seeks to become one has the opportunity to learn how to relate, interact and manage group dynamic that arises in the course of teamwork.

Will improve Academic Performance

Most people would doubt if sports have any relationships with academic performance. Yes, sports can contribute to your student's academic pursuits. Students may use already written essays to save time for physical activities. We all know that doing exercises can make you healthy and therefore alert and in good mental and physical shape to tackle academics.

The idea that students should be glued to their books is counterproductive. Students need breaks from their academic endeavors to enjoy a good sport of their choice. This will freshen them up and make them take on their studies with the newness of mind.

Will be able to Manage Emotions

Another reason why sports is good for your student is this, as a coach your student will learn to manage emotions that arise during sports training or performance. 

Learning to manage people is not an easy task and has to be learned. Sports can give your students the opportunity to learn to lead interact with different characters and still be able to relate with them.

Will develop Self-confidence and Self-esteem

Most students lack confidence and self-esteem. Studies show that sports can be the place where your child can learn confidence and self-esteem. Praises, encouragement that comes from team members and supporters can make a student feel good about themselves and develop confidence.

Will Learn Social Skills

Social skills are better learning where there are people with common interests and goals. Sports can provide the arena for your students to learn this great skill. 

In sports, students learn to mix and interact with those younger, their agents and those older than them. This is also a chance to make friends and learn social skills that will benefit them even long after they have left college. These interactions also give the students a sense of belonging and happiness.

Will learn Perseverance

To succeed in life and never give up in hard times one needs to learn the great benefits of perseverance. In sports, like in life, there are highs and lows. Sports presents students with an opportunity to train your student the power of perseverance, learning to persevere during the hard times. Here they will learn that perseverance pays in the end, this will be ingrained in their minds for the rest of their lives.

Will learn to Team-work

In sports, teamwork is the key to the best results. Sports are the right place for students to learn the value of teamwork. This is very important for your students to help them learn the skills that will help them find it easier to integrate well into community life and respect authority.

Develop Respect for Authority

The truth is that as young people are growing and discovering themselves sometimes they go through the conflict of self-identity. This sometimes leads them to dislike authority and rules set for them. 

Leon Edmunds, a leader of a writing team at term paper writing service says, “Young people are often averse to authority because of their inexperience and naivety. By joining a sports team your student will see the purpose and place of team leaders.” Working under team leaders and respecting them will prepare them as good learners that value order and teamwork.  

Will develop Discipline 

Most students equate discipline with a kind of punishment. They don’t realize that discipline is what they need to achieve their goals in life. As soon as they learn this, they will see discipline as a friend and not as an enemy. 

Discipline will enable your student to learn the purpose and value of following rules. Obeying sports leaders and practicing restraint whenever they find themselves acting outside the laid down rules that make the events possible. 

This one of the reasons why teamwork that is seen in sports arenas is a place where students can learn to be disciplined. It is because of this discipline that makes sports an activity that can teach one many lessons that they can use in other areas of their lives.

Will Improve Sleep

last but not least sports do improve the quality of sleep. When you are physically tired you are likely to sleep well and for long enough. Sports will improve the quality of your student's sleep. Good sleep often reduces stress, insomnia and restless nights. 

In short, there are many benefits of high school sports activities your student can benefit from. Students, parents, and school administrators should encourage their students to partake in this great activity called sports.

As you can see, sports are not just an activity of fun and a waste of time that students should avoid. Sports are good for the body and mind as an exercise and can help your student develop many skills something that they will find very useful later in their life. Sports can also help your child develop courage and self-esteem which often arise from having friends and other team members. Therefore sports should be encouraged and students encouraged participating in any sport of their liking.

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