5 tips on how to finish your thesis on time

Mike Page
Authored by Mike Page
Posted Monday, November 11, 2019 - 10:00am

You got into college and studied well, but now you’re having trouble with your thesis? Don’t worry, it is completely normal to suffer over your thesis for a long time, checking and rechecking every single detail. Don’t sweat it. Here are a few tips to help you organize your time and focus your energy on the task ahead.

1. Stay connected

In the age of the internet and mobile connection, it is vital to have access to your work and new information wherever you are. You must have steady access to e-libraries, as well as your own documents, and some devices will come in handy. The company GSM Repeaters Deutschland offers a gadget that will amplify your mobile and 4G signals regardless of whether you need it for your dorm, home, or library. So does GSM Repeaters France. For a student that device is irreplaceable. It will amplify the signals, letting you concentrate on your paper. 

2. Stay away from distractions

Partying is a central component of college life. We get it. But if you have a thesis due, social life can take a back seat for a little while. There are going to be plenty of opportunities to stay up all night, drinking with friends and forgetting your worries. But for now, log off social media, open your books, and get your creative juices flowing. You know best what your weak spots are, try to stay away from your triggers. 

3. Divide the big task into smaller ones

This advice works miracles. Really. Writing a thesis is a large task. And like any other mission that seems too big for your britches, it can be accomplished with greater ease, if you just divide it into many smaller steps. Be assured, this tip is worthwhile no matter what big peak you will need to conquer next. Just cut it into smaller tasks. Up to the point when your next step seems clear enough to take. In case of a thesis, you have to be certain about what you are doing each day. You will accomplish portions of your work each day, and not have everything left until the last month. Follow this advice and never be startled by an assignment again!

4. Create a schedule

Anybody would burn out if they had to study 24/7, so don’t let it get to that. You probably think you have plenty of time, but that is not always the objective truth. Organize your day and working space in a way that will allow you to switch your mind off for a while. That is necessary too. By all means, rest, have fun, but after finishing your designated workload for the day. 

Get enough sleep

If you have read the tips above, this one must seem very logical by now. We know you don’t use this tip the night before an exam. Very seldom students do. But a thesis requires your attention, logic, and creativity for significantly larger periods of time, so for you to stay sharp, you need enough rest and proper eating schedule, don’t skip meals! (No, ice cream does not count as a meal). Stay well rested and you will need less time to finish your work.

We hope these tips will help you in your upcoming quest, so follow them and do not be shy to ask your friends and loved ones for help, in case you need advice, a phone call, or just a heartfelt hug! Good luck!

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