5 tips for candidates of  JEE mains 2020 paper

Mike Page
Authored by Mike Page
Posted Monday, March 23, 2020 - 6:54am

Joint entrance examination or JEE examination is a critical examination for candidates wanting to make a career in engineering. However, all students want to get admission in good colleges and to do this they have to score good marks in the exam. A candidate wanting to come out of the exam hall with flying colours has to keep many things in their mind during the examinations. The following are some of the essential tips for a candidate that wants to score good marks in the examination hall:

Read all questions carefully

It is critical for the candidate to read every question carefully. This is primarily because many of the options are quite similar to one another. Unless the candidate reads the paper in a detailed manner, there is a chance that he may mark one option in place of the other. In addition to this, he may also get confused in the exam hall. This can result in the student choosing the wrong option. It is a well-known fact that mistakes in the exam hall lead to negative marks. Thus the aspirants should always read each and every question carefully.

Chose the questions properly

Candidates should remember that the exam is of 3 hours. Thus there is plenty of time for them to choose the questions that they can answer. So before answering the question, they should first chalk them out carefully. In addition to this, they should not look to blindly attempt every question. Instead, the pupils should leave out the question that they cannot solve. Choosing the question in a planned manner will allow them to finish the questions that they were sure about. This, in turn, will help them score good marks in the examination.

Think in detail before answering any questions

Most of the questions of the examination are such that the candidate has to use their brain to solve them. Thus they check the intelligence of the candidate. However, the questions are not exactly difficult questions. Thus it is very important for the students to think properly before attempting these. An aspirant that is ready to think before answering the question may find it relatively easy to find the correct answer. If the individual is able to solve the majority of the answers correctly then he will obviously be able to score good marks in the exam.

Solve the numerical problems carefully

JEE mains contain a considerable amount of numerical problems. Thus it is very important to solve these carefully. Loss of concentration can result in silly mistakes. This, in turn, may make them choose the wrong options. In addition to this, a mistake while solving numerical problems can also result in frustration among the aspirant. This can destroy his mental state in the examination hall. A candidate that has lost his mental state will find it hard to concentrate on the examination. To avoid this, it is crucial for the individual to solve every numerical carefully. 

Keep an eye on the time

Time is critical in every exam and the JEE is not an exception to this. Thus the examinee must keep an eye on his watch at all times. In addition to this, he also has to proceed in the examination hall in a planned manner. Such an approach can help the examinee solve the question within the required time. In addition to this, it may also help him in revise all the answers. A candidate that has solved all the questions and has revised them properly will obviously be able to score good marks in the examination.

The above-mentioned tips might be extremely useful for the aspiring candidates of the jee mains 2020 question paper Vedantu. They should always keep it in mind that the exam is an extremely competitive one. Thus they should be completely ready before coming to the examination hall. In addition to this, they should also get all their problems or doubts solved before entering the examination hall. This can be done either through their teachers or through additional study materials. If the candidate has clear concepts while he is entering the hall then he can easily score good marks in the JEE.


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