4 Top Tips for Students in the New Year

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - 7:05am

Whether you are an Exeter student or go to a university further afield, it is important that students start preparing for the new year as early as possible in order to stay organised. This could include thinking of resolutions that can have a positive impact on your student life and workload. In this guide, it will give you some of the most practical tips to follow for those entering 2020 as a student. 

Find Next Year’s Accommodation Early 

If you are currently in student halls run by the university, it is vital that you start looking for next year’s accommodation early, especially if you have not started to do so already. Most of the housing that is close to your university campus and has the best facilities tends to get snapped up before the winter is over. However, there are many tools that you can use to help you find the perfect accommodation for your student tenure. For instance, estate agents provide simple listings online, which show you the accommodation that they have available, such as Roseworth’s lettings for those that need student accommodation Newcastle based in the new year. If you are struggling to find housemates, you can also contact your university services, with many universities running events to help potential housemates meet.

Contact Your University’s Career Service 

It is never too early to start thinking about what you are going to do after university; even a first-year can benefit. If they are unsure about their future career path or the options which they should take for the upcoming year, the new year is the perfect time to contact the university’s career service. For many third-year students who feel anxious about the prospect of graduation, talking to a career advisor could help minimise those fears of what is going to happen after graduation. Most university career services provide a range of assistance that includes CV and job application help and even a database of potential jobs that could suit you.

Apply for Experience in the New Year

If you are planning to take a placement year, or are even looking for internships for the summer in your niche area, you start to apply for these spots as early as possible. You should make a note of each deadline and work on your applications over Christmas, giving you a head start when it comes to submitting these in the new year. This will then provide you the best possible chance of getting a placement in order to get the experience that you need for your future career.

Manage Your Workload

Whether you have January exams or are looking ahead to the summer season, it is crucial that you find ways to manage your workload. This will allow you to both be prepared and have a sustainable work/life balance, which can reduce the stress that you may be experiencing. Methods that you could try to achieve this include making a timetable with slots for revision and coursework, and writing daily lists of the work that you are planning to achieve on that day. You could also note all of your deadlines on a physical or mobile calendar so that you can see what needs to be done in one glance.

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