Technology in Sport: Inside the future stadium

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Authored by Mike Page
Posted Monday, October 7, 2019 - 8:00am

For most players and fans, football is a game of tradition and an unrivaled thrill coupled with unforgettable events. You show up before the game kicks-off, have a pie at half time, and leave deflated or elated after the final whistle. However, Tottenham Hotspurs hopes to change how football fans invest their time in the game using their new, innovative stadium.

According to Tottenham’s executive director Donna-Maria, the Spurs are fundamentally taking things to the next level. The team is trying to make Tottenham a destination for sports and virtual sports, among other fun activities using cutting-edge designs. Just like the Thunderstruck slot game is important to slots enthusiasts, football matches are essential to their quest. However, that’s not an obstacle since the Spurs are among the top 10 teams in the EPL.

The new stadium will feature different video games, including soccer and American football. In fact, the club has signed a contract with the NFL bosses to hold at least two American football video games every year for the next ten years. This stadium will also host concerts by popular bands in the industry.

Initially, the new arena was to be unveiled by the start of this year, though construction hold-ups delayed things a little. As a result, Tottenham hosted its first competitive game on the ground at the beginning of April. However, the club seems to have delivered an innovative, future-proofed, smart stadium that fans can have more fans. The club’s dream came true after investing over £850 million.

According to experts, the 62,062-seater stadium will deliver a new experience for the visitors. The quality of facilities is impressive, and rather than working around the confines of outdated equipment, fans have various choices. As such, the designers seem to have put together the stadium to keep you in the place longer, implying larger revenues and better customers for Tottenham.

The stadium’s architecture is all about creating an environment where football viewers choose where they desire to go instead of being told where to go. That makes digital services and systems key to that approach, and they’ve been designed in the ground’s fabric. For that, the arena comes with HPE Aruba Technology that includes 1,641 Wi-Fi access points with Wi-Fi protection.

To enable important operations like constructing management systems, ticketing, audio-visual technologies, and CCTV, the stadium uses core wired network infrastructure. Additionally, it has 700 HPE Bluetooth beacons operating together with a newly created Tottenham app that assists fans to access retail stores, dining establishments, and bars. 

On the ground, fans are digitally enabled to enjoy a huge array of choices, including the biggest retail space on any club in Europe.  The arena is also home to other attractions, including club museum, archive, and stadium trips. Other features include a host of feature bars, high-class corporate facilities, and uniquely created household locations. The executive facilities include sky lounges, glass-walled dining establishments, suites, and The Tunnel Club.