How England could line up at World Cup 2018?

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Authored by Mike Page
Posted Sunday, April 8, 2018 - 1:52pm

Its just a little time before we will witness the biggest sports event of the year, and boy we are excited!

For the England team though, it is about creating the right balance. We do have promising strikers like Harry Kane but they do need to fire. Additionally, football is more about getting the combination right than just expecting one guy to fire away. Which makes us wonder, what should the England team focus on in their line up at the World Cup 2018?

England would have it a tad bit easier in the group stages having been placed with Belgium, Panama and Tunisia but we really cannot take things for granted. In fact, many wagers at 1xbet betting believe that England would have it easy in the group stages. We do hope so too!

Getting the Defense Right

The defender’s job is to stop the attack of the opponent forwards and create an opportunity for their team to attack and try to score a goal. The defence receives assistance from the midfield and at times, the offence. A defender should be able to stop and interfere the passes between the opposition, stop them from advancing and stop the shots of the opposing forwards from entering the goal.

Several times, defenders also join the attack, notably the retired Roberto Carlos of Brazil. Danny Rose and Kyle Walker need to perform for the England team.

Having a Midfield that Can Control the Game

“The team who controls the midfield- controls the game”.

The most important task of the midfield is to act as an interface between the defence and the offence. Midfielders must have an acute sense of the game, good passing skills and shooting ability, according to the situation’s requirement. Jonathan Henderson and Eric Dier are whom we are all looking for to perform here.

What about the Offense?

The offence consists of forwards whose aim is to send the ball inside the net of the opponent. Since the introduction of the ‘Total-Football’ concept popularised by the legendary Johann Cruyff of the Netherlands, attacking defenders, midfielders and wingers (players who play at the two ends between the midfielders and the strikers or forwards) are also considered integral to the offence.

An offensive player must possess the abilities of dribbling past opposition, passing to other teammates and last but not the least, the ability to shoot and score goals. With Harry Kane on our side though, arguably among the best strikers in the world, we have one of the best forward players.

Making the Most Out Of It

The England team needs to focus on the position of the play, the style of play, the statistical rate of successful shots on goal, goal-conversion, passes, assists or saves and tackles.

And wondering who would be the best among them all? Judging a sole best player would require analysis and understanding of the game much more than the facts and game clippings available in the telly.

Enjoy the beautiful game which has kept more people enchanted and thrilled than any other game of the world. Long live the beautiful game.