Factors to consider when buying the best basketball hoops for kids

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Posted Wednesday, September 11, 2019 - 9:34am

You want your kid to show interest in playing basketball. You probably love playing the sport too, and you know it is always better to start early to increase your chances of playing with the pros. Now, you are all ready to get the best basketball hoop available for your kid, but you do not know how to determine if the hoop you are getting is indeed the best option for your kid. Well, certain factors can help you get the best basketball hoops for kids. Read on to find out about them.

Choosing The Best Basketball Hoops For Kids

Bringing a basketball hoop home can be exciting for both you and your kids. Your kids will be eager to try out the new game you are introducing, and this is a good sign. There are so many basketball hoops to choose from and this post will help you arrive at the best you can find. See some important points below.

1.    Safety

When it comes to your kids, safety should be your priority. You don’t want anything that could cause harm to your children.

The best basketball hoops for kids in the market make sure that they are safe for the kids who use them. That is one major reason why the components of a kid’s basketball hoop are usually made with plastic. Some hoops are made from other materials or mixed with other materials, but plastics are perfect for your kids.

2.    Durability

Buying a basketball hoop for kids means you should check out for something durable. Some kids can be very rough, and you wouldn’t want to see the remains of the new basketball hoop you just bought. Every good basketball hoop meant for kids should have the ability to resist wear and tear. This will allow your kids to use the hoop for some time.

3.    Adjustable Base

If you are purchasing a freestanding hoop, then you should consider going for one that can be adjusted through several heights. If you buy a basketball hoop with a base that cannot be adjusted, your kids will outgrow the hoop, and you will need to get another hoop. Basketball hoops with an adjustable base are important so you can adjust to several heights as your child grows taller. However, if you are buying a hoop without a base, then you do not need to worry about this as you just need to hang the hoop at a height that suits your kids.

4.    Cost

This is an important factor to put into consideration. The cost of a basketball hoop can determine whether you will purchase it or not. Browse through the prices for some of the best basketball hoops for kids before finalizing your thoughts on the one to purchase. If you find one that is affordable, and it is safe for your kids to use, seize the opportunity and get it. Nevertheless, don’t forget to check if it passes the other factors above.

Frequently Asked Questions By A Parent Whose Kids Have A Basketball Hoop: 

Should I Use Sand Or Water To Fill The Base Of My Kid’s Free-Standing Basketball Hoop?

Almost every freestanding basketball hoop allows you to either use sand or water to fill the base of your kid’s basketball hoop. Whichever one you use will fit just right, and even if you use some stones, it will still work fine. But this is not advisable as these little rocks can cause severe damage to the base of your kid’s basketball hoop. Water, on the other hand, can work well and won’t cause any damage until when the winter arrives. Then the water in your kid’s basketball hoop will turn into ice and can crack it thereby damaging it. Sand is the perfect thing to use. It will make the hoop stand firm, and it will not cause any serious damage. Don’t get me wrong, you can use either sand or water but sand does it best.

What Sand Can I Use To Fill The Base

Any sand at all will fill and work in the base of your kid’s basketball hoop. If you want one that is easy to fill, then play sand will work best. This is because it flows easily and smoothly. However, you can use any sand at all. The sand or water in the base is just to make the basketball hoop stand firm.