4 reasons to choose to bet on Football

Sam Richards
Authored by Sam Richards
Posted Tuesday, March 23, 2021 - 11:00am

One of the challenges when you are just getting into sports betting, online or otherwise, is to figure out what you should bet on. Should you seek the sports with the bigger payouts? The ones that are most popular? Or maybe the sports that are easier to follow?

And while there is no universal answer to which sport you should bet on, there are good reasons why you should make football your top pick. Here are some of them.

1 - It is familiar

The popularity of football means that you are likely familiar with the basic rules of the game, and may even be able to name some of the top teams in your region. As a beginner, it’s easier to bet on sports you’re familiar with, as it removes a layer of complexity. Betting on football means you only need to worry about understanding the technical side of betting, rather than having to figure out both how betting works and what a given sport is all about.

2 - There are plenty of matches

One of the challenges of betting on seasonal or obscure sports is that there may be a lot of downtime in between big games. Football doesn’t have that problem. With dozens of major leagues operating around the world, there will always be several football matches for you to bet on every day. Especially if you are not picky about betting on teams you’ve never heard of.

This abundance of options also gives you plenty of room to experiment with different strategies and approaches, which is valuable when you are learning the basics. It gives you the option to place several small bets every day, rather than a few big ones spread out throughout the month.

3 - Prop bets are everywhere

There are many ways to bet on football games besides trying to predict the outcome of the game. Taking part in the Football Pools is one of them, and another is to make proposition bets. Proposition bets — aka prop bets — are wagers made on things that may take place during the course of the game, with no relation to the actual outcome.

For example, you can bet on the number of passes that will be made during a game, on whether or not a specific player will score a goal, and even on whether the total number of goals during the game will be odd or even. It all makes for fun wagers, and since most of these are totally random, it evens the playing field between the professional betters and the amateurs.

4 - Football games are events

You’ll have a hard time finding a pub crowded with people who are there to watch the winter Olympics. But big football matches often draw a crowd, which means you can place your bets and then head out to watch the game surrounded by other fans. Or you can get a group of friends together to bet and watch the game. It adds to the fun of the whole experience, and it’s one of the main perks of betting on a popular sport. 


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