Men's Braided Shoes – the Most Fashionable Styles
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Posted Saturday, July 31, 2021 - 7:04am

Although men's braided shoes are not yet very popular, more and more men appreciate their original cut. The footwear is best suited for fashion with a reduced level of formality – not only for spring and summer. Find out what braided shoe models are the most popular.

Braided shoes are an ideal proposal for men who like to experiment with their image. Shoes with a woven pattern will emphasize every style and make you feel like a real gentleman. Find out why you should wear branded shoes.

Braided Shoes – a Model For All Seasons

Shoes made of braided leather straps are a perfect complement to many outfits. Although they are slightly more expensive than shoes made of grain leather or suede, they look much more interesting. Since the woven pattern is a decoration in itself, this type of footwear is rarely accompanied by other accessories. Monk shoes are an exception, equipped with a decorative buckle. Braids can be found in almost all styles of men's shoes. Only brogues, due to their openwork ornamentation, cannot have interlaced patterns. Nevertheless, braided shoes are quite versatile and can be worn throughout all seasons – depending on the model we choose for a given season.

Braided shoes usually come in the classic colors of black and brown, with the latter shade being much more popular. This is due to the low level of formality of braided shoes. Therefore, they are not recommended for typically evening outfits. Although the most classic pattern is a straight (basket) weave, we can find shoes with a diagonal weave, with variable or constant width of the strips more and more often. Such an arrangement looks very impressive, especially in monk shoes and shoes with uppers where the shoe is made of two types of leather – braided and grain. Such a combination gives a spectacular effect and makes the entire styling look very original.

How to Wear Braided Shoes with Uppers?

Braided shoes with uppers look great because they are better exposed on a larger surface. As with other models, it's best to choose shoes in safe and proven colors (blacks and browns). Braided models with uppers are a perfect proposal for colder days, so they can be matched not only with jeans but even with wool or fabric pants. This cut is worth having in your closet because it will work both in informal styles and in-office fashion.

Braided sneakers with uppers are also a real fashion hit. They can be worn with dark jeans, with the leg slightly turned up, which gently exposes the shoes. Opt for leather shoes in black color with white sole. This combination will go well with navy blue pants and the woven pattern of the sneakers will emphasize the whole look. The best models of plaid shoes can be found at with a wide selection of shoes for every man.

The Hidden Potential of Braided Shoes

There is a huge potential hidden in braided shoes. If you like fashion challenges, go for braided monk shoes in a beige or cognac color. This timeless cut will make you look extremely stylish. The intricately woven pattern on the shoes goes perfectly with the grain leather straps, finished with a decorative buckle.

This model will be appreciated by fans of casual style, where ease, comfort, and freedom count the most. Braided monk shoes should be matched with a day suit and sports jacket. You can also wear them with slightly shorter leg pants and classic jeans. Match with a plain shirt in a muted color such as white or blue.

Braided loafers are a must-have for every man. They are not only comfortable but also very practical. The best choice is a footwear made of grain leather (e.g. calfskin) with a thick rubber sole, which can cope with any surface. A woven cut is more than just a striking pattern. It is first of all breathability, which has a positive impact on the comfort of use.

This is important especially in summer when the foot sweats more often and needs constant access to air. That is why loafers made of braided leather are a perfect proposal for men who want to look fashionable and stylish and feel comfortable at the same time.

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