Denley's Essence of India Summer Showcase

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Posted Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 9:31am

Award-winning Topsham Restaurant, Denley’s Essence of India, hosted a Summer Showcase last week, for local businesses in Topsham and the local media to sample its latest dishes, as well as the kitchen’s specialities.

The restaurant, situated on the main road through the village, seats up to 40 people and has been recognised by the British Curry Awards for its fantastic cuisine from across the regions of India. With a selection of dishes and appetisers for all to enjoy and sample, the restaurant was packed with food lovers - it was a night to remember!

Nick Hook, Devon Food Hour, says, “As a Topsham resident, I have been visiting Denley’s for years and was thrilled to be invited to their Summer Showcase. From their delicious and unique Tava dish to their spicy Jalfrezi, the food was absolutely fantastic and I cannot wait to go back.”