How to Boost Your Instagram Reach: 12 Simple Tactics You Can Use

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Friday, July 3, 2020 - 8:46am

What is the important thing to maintain, when you are starting a blog on Instagram? Of course, it would be the reach. It defines the number of unique accounts that have watched your post or story. The better is the reach, the faster your profile grows. So how do you get the maximum reach to your posts? See the twelve brilliant and easy tactics below!

Use Instagram Ads

Thanks to the algorithms of showing, running Insta Ads campaigns is one of the easiest methods to get more unique viewers to your posts. These are the kinds of ads you can get:

  • Photographs
  • Video-content
  • Stories
  • Slideshow - within the ads you have the possibility to add a different description to each photo
  • Links that lead to the app or site

As modern social media trends are generally set to the video content, we would recommend using primarily video ads, to attract more viewers, who can later become your subscribers. Another good choice for Ads campaign would be Carousel, where you can upload a few highlights of your performance on Instagram.

Tip: Views are the most important metric for video ads. To make your advertisement look more professional, go on SocialsGrow for cheap Instagram views.

Find The Perfect Timing

This tactic is relevant to many other social platforms. Instagram introduced a different timeline based on the algorithms, but the schedule is still important. First of all, you need to find out when is your audience shows the biggest activity. People who turned their profiles to Business can easily gather this information in the Insights.

After you have found out what is the time when your viewers are most active online, build up your posting plan according to that. Always have your content set at least for a few days ahead. That will secure the consistent flow of unique viewers.

Calls To Action

CTA’s are a good method to increase your metrics, including reach. On Instagram people are generally looking for entertainment, and there’s nothing more fun for them than the contest, lottery, giveaway, or any other activity that involves prizes. So you need to encourage people to participate in your activities. Here are the examples, that will definitely increase your reach:

  • To enter the competition, tag two friends in a comment (no limits to the number of comments, but unique friend tags)
  • Guessing game! Who will solve the riddle on the photo first, gets the trophy
  • Making people share their suggestions, like what movie to choose or which book to read on the weekend
  • What’s the last song you heard and liked, etc.

Even though all these examples operate around the comments, you will still get some

fresh eyes to look at your post since people can be interested in reading the lists or suggestions.

Consistently Upload Stories

Instagram Stories seem to take place of the most viewed content. That is thanks to their dominant position on the screen. Stories are located at the very top of the newsfeed, and that is their useful feature. By uploading them constantly and frequently, you will be able to catch the attention of your followers all the time and provide the interest to your posts.

Going Live On Instagram

Smart trick to have in your pocket. The secret of success is the fact that when you start Live video on Instagram, it appears first in the top left corner. Even before the Stories. That’s a sure interest catcher!

Take Quality Before Quantity

As we have stated before, you have to post consistently. Even a couple of times a day, if there is a need to do so. But remember that it is always better to upload one incredible photo or video than three posts that are just “meh”. Users will be waiting eagerly to find your content again if it is outstanding. But if you post frequently as hell without anything useful to say, people will lose interest in following you very fast.

Add Hashtags

Use them properly. Poorly chosen hashtags, which are too general, long or not relevant to the topic of your post, will not increase your reach for sure but can make things worse. Take around six to ten hashtags of each group:

  • General
  • Industry-related
  • Trending

After you list them out, mix them, and group them into three or four batches, that you can add to your post depending on its specific.

Be Social

Instagram is a social network, where people communicate with each other in the first place. Whatever you have to say, you have to stay polite and friendly to users. Good behavior online will attract more followers more than bullying and bad-ass image. Connect with users through comments, Direct messages, tagging, or Stories, and you will receive feedback soon enough.


Bloggers should become friends with other bloggers. It doesn’t really matter if you are occupying different niches. It can do even better! Interaction with influencers in your industry and outside of it is a proven method to widen your audience. Also, you can get in touch with brands, that you find relevant to your blog. That can bring you not only increased reach but some revenue too. Or at least, some branded product for free :)

Dig in IGTV

IGTV is a relatively new feature and is not as popular as Stories can seem. But the possibility to upload longer videos is definitely attractive. You can finally be free from the traditional short format of Instagram and go bigger! IGTV can be used to transform your thoughts from plain text in the description to the graphic illustration. Visual key speaks better to people. Time to improve video editing skills, folks!

Importance Of Geotagging

Using geotags is a nice addition to use if you want to enlarge your audience. Your Ads campaign and Stories will be more likely to appear in the newsfeeds that are located nearby. Incredibly useful thing for stores, huh?

But adding your location to the post is an easy way to gain more followers for any blog! People like finding someone who lives in the same region.

Pay Attention To The Text

Captions, my friend! Even though Instagram is primarily a visual platform, the text you place under the post matter a lot. Especially with the fresh tendency to use social media as a voice for your personal experience. Many social problems and situations are now highlighted on IG and other networks. Use your space for something useful, informative, or entertaining. Remember, that your caption has to provoke the wish to hit like, comment, or save your post, along with other aspects of it.

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