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Tips to Clean Alloy Wheels

Sam Richards
Authored by Sam Richards
Posted Wednesday, December 2, 2020 - 4:21pm

Alloy wheels tend to be the most popular kind of wheels found nowadays. Many vehicles that are brand new possess the clear-coated type of allow wheels. However, some drivers make these better with some aftermarket polished allow wheels. The more you maintain your car the better it will look and work. 

The following are some tips to help you clean your alloy wheels. 

Select the correct cleaner

This is an important part of the process and it is necessary you chose a good one. It depends on what you want to handle. It is possible to get one that handles simple dust as well as dirt. This is the type of grime that often forms on wheels. For this, you can get a spray-on. Remember to choose a product which is made particularly for employment on alloy wheels. 

If you use some standard wheel cleaner on alloy wheels it may harm them. Therefore, be careful here. 

Try out foaming oven cleaner when you wish to handle tough grease as well as stains. It is strong enough to dissolve the oil, rust, as well as hard-to-remove particles. Messes can dissolve fast when you apply this. 

If you want to go the natural way you can use vinegar or even lemon juice. The vinegar must be distilled. Pour into some spray bottle then apply on the wheels. The natural acids present within these can handle tough grime. However, remember that home remedies such as this tend to be word-of-mouth solutions that have not been tested. 


Try and find a good cleaner that has ingredients that will not harm the wheel when cleaning alloy wheels

Cleaner must be used properly

Begin by rinsing the wheels and remove extra brake dust and dried dirt. The water should touch every area of your wheel, like the interior surface present around the barrel as well. You can attach a pressure attachment to your hose. This will help get rid of debris that is stuck. 

After this, you will put a sufficient amount of cleaner on the wheel’s center hub and outlying areas. Then mist extra cleaner as required around places that have much buildup. 

If you are using oven cleaner you need to stay at a distance after putting this on the wheel so that you can avoid dangerous fumes. Wheels that have plastic hub covers, remember to remove these before spraying the cleaner. 

Follow the instructions on the cleaner. Let it remain for how much time has been stated. This will probably be for not less than 1-2 minutes. Spray the wheels at one time then scrub as well as rinse them. 

You can use some soft-bristled detailing brush to scrub your wheels. 

Rinse carefully

The allow wheels need to be rinsed properly. The hose can be used to get rid of cleaner and dissolved dirt still present. A microfiber cloth may be employed to wipe the wheels. 

A sealant product made for alloy wheels can be applied to the wheels. 

Take out time to carefully clean your alloy wheels if you want them to remain for long. 

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