These are the 5 most customisable luxury cars

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Wednesday, April 28, 2021 - 2:51pm

For average vehicles, customisation usually revolves around enhancing both aesthetics and performance. However, with luxury cars, it is all about adding a layer of sophistication to an already top-performing vehicle.

For the ultra-wealthy owners of these vehicles, customisation allows them to depict aspects of their unique personalities and tastes.

Custom luxury cars avail an avenue of liberal self-expression for owners of these deluxe models.

The options are as varied as the owners' personalities. That means that some outcomes will invariably tend to be a bit wilder and bolder than others.

For some, it is simply a matter of swapping the color of their car. For others, it could include a complete change of the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

No matter the level of tweaking you wish to go for, some luxury cars avail you a larger customisation space than others.

Below, we look at five luxury cars that offer the most comprehensive array of customisation options.

  1. Bentley Bentayga

As a testament to the design latitude offered by the Bentayga, the company, in conjunction with Mulliner, has built a customized version of this fantastic car as part of its production line.

Known as the Bentley Bentayga Falconry edition, the vehicle features bespoke installations meant to cater to every discerning falconer or falconry enthusiast in its client base.

First is the bespoke veneer on the dash, where you can have your favorite avian art featured.

Also, a bird perch is located at the middle console where you can have your mammoth bird situated when moving around during your birding jaunts.

At the back, the car’s trunk is designed to include two cabinets. One of these is a refreshments area with two flasks, cups, and a couple of face cloths for the falconer.

The other cabinet is designed to carry all the falconry equipment you might need, such as binoculars, bird-tracking equipment, and hand-made bird hoods.

All these, including the choice of trim, can be tailored to suit your tastes.

And that is not all; the company has also rolled out a customized Bentayga option to cater to the needs of fly fishing enthusiasts as well!

  1. Rolls Royce

At every turn, every Rolls Royce model offers a blank canvas with unlimited customisation opportunities. 

The Rolls Royce Phantom comes with an uninterrupted glass dashboard panel that allows you to have any motif or artwork incorporated on it.

While all the Rolls Royce models carry the signature natural hide upholstery, clients can dictate the hide color to be used.

Similarly, you may commission your Rolls Royce Ghost in a two-tone exterior of gun-metal and silver or other color combinations that suit your fancy.

Another possibility is having a Rolls Royce Wraith seats bear contrast stitching and seat piping. 

Other options include a bespoke ‘spirit of ecstasy’ hood ornament and wood veneers.

Every year, the Rolls Royce team produces two bespoke models for no client in particular. It is a move calculated to keep the design team sharp.

The models so produced are termed special editions and feature some additional tailored aspects otherwise not found in the base models.

  1. Mercedes Maybach

Maybach is a sub-brand of Mercedes Benz and engages in producing super luxurious and customized Mercedes Benz cars.

It focuses on enhancing the Mercedes Benz S-Class models, which upon completion are assigned the Maybach logo.

Overall, Mercedes Benz also has a customisation program known as ‘Designo Manufaktur.’ That is where customer’s wishes come to life.

In this setup, you can have your Maybach's interior tailored to your tastes. That includes the carpet colors, the stitching on your seats, and the car's exterior color scheme.

For example, you could have an extended leather interior inclusive of leather door sills and leather-covered seat consoles fitted in your preferred color tones.

For brand badge enthusiasts, the car may come bearing the Maybach emblem on the hood. 

However, perhaps one of the most iconic elements of the Mercedes Maybach is the reclining leather seats which have the option of having calf rests included. The color of the leather and the stitching options are customizable.

  1. Mercedes Benz G Series

Having dropped a tidy sum for your Mercedes G Wagon, you may not wish to customize it by leaving it with some random run-off-the-mill mechanic. So, why not let Brabus do it for you?

With Brabus, the options are not just phenomenal; they are endless. They are the kings of customisation and auto-tuning.

For example, aesthetically speaking, you could have your G-Wagon fitted with LED daytime running lights and LED illuminated entrance panels.

Alternatively, Brabus may convert the car into an ultra-low-slung beast boasting lower ground clearance and high performing capability.

Some G-Wagons such as the Mercedes G63 AMG and the G500 can similarly be converted into high-rise behemoths without compromising their performance. 

Want to make it even hotter? How about some carbon fiber detail?

There is also full-body armoring and up to four security cameras for those clamoring for enhanced security features. 

A fun experience for your passengers would involve taking your Mercedes G500 and having fully reclining rear seats for that sky viewing experience when riding in the car.

  1. Bentley Mulsanne

With over twenty interior color palettes to choose from, the Bentley Mulsanne is ready to meet all your color preferences head-on.

The leather and wood finishes are handcrafted to your liking, with the interior leathers coming with some offering a choice of over 22 leather hides.

Other top-of-the-range relaxation features such as champagne holders and flute glasses are set to make a hectic day that much better.

And if the champagne still doesn't relax your nerves, then the power recliner seats with heating and massage options are bound to do it.

The car’s interior ambient light comes with over 60 thematic options to suit every mood. 


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