How you can protect your motorbike at home

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted Monday, December 13, 2021 - 10:22pm

As motorcycle thefts grow daily, it’s no doubt that the Motorcycle Security Industry is growing. With over 40,000 thefts a year, there’s a 3.3% chance your motorbike will be stolen if you lack efficient security.

Over 8,000 motorbikes were stolen in London alone. In recent years motorbike insurance has increased, due to how common motorbike thefts are. When motorbikes are stolen their parts are then sold on.

When thinking of buying a motorbike, the best thing you can do is invest in security, as this will keep thieves away and your insurance will remain a good price. In this guide, there’ll be many ways to protect your motorbike at home.

Garage Security Bar

The garage security bar from Image4 Security is perfect for garage security. These security bars act as a barrier, stopping what’s on the outside from getting in. The bars take up minimal space and minimise trip hazards. When the security bar is installed, it is put at an angle in which a motorbike can’t be thrown over or pulled under, making it the perfect line of defence for stopping thieves.

In recent years many motorbike companies have added Bluetooth alarms to their security bars. They are then programmed to be triggered by unexpected movement, letting off a noisy shriek alerting keyholders and neighbours. 

The security bar helps to give bike owners peace of mind without the worry of something happening.

Ground Anchors

Motorcycle ground anchors and chains are effective defence tools to stop thieves. The ground anchor is lightweight, but once on the floor, unmoveable. The anchor then helps to keep your bike locked and safe from thieves.

Bike attacks have a common theme of using heavy tools to break the anchor. Numerous ground anchors have chains made from hardened steel; these chains can withstand attacks from the tools bike thieves use.

Countless motorbike owners park their motorbikes on their road or driveway, but this puts them at risk of theft. That’s why the ground anchor is a recommended product to prevent motorcycle larcenies.


Although padlocks don’t seem like many bike owners go-to, for bike security they are simple but effective. In recent years, companies are making smart padlocks that include solid zinc materials, which is a stronger/ tougher material than what they were made from.  

These padlocks can endure multiple hits without getting damaged. Being made with anti-rust materials, this means the padlock won’t get damaged or corrode over time. This is ideal for bike owners who leave their bikes outside.

With newer model padlocks being made of smarter materials, they include built-in alarms which get triggered by unanticipated movement, alerting people of the noise, and potentially causing the thieves to flee the scene.

CCTV Cameras

Owning CCTV cameras can deter thieves from trying to steal or attempting to take your motorbike because cameras are seen as intimidating. They are good to own, as they can help to prevent thefts and vandalism from happening. As previously mentioned earlier since insurance has risen for motorbike owners, CCTV cameras are a great way to provide evidence for the police and claim insurance if something were to happen to their bike.  

CCTV can help to keep an eye on your house or business. If you were out of town, you can monitor your home on your smartphone through the companies’ app, this then makes it a lot easier to be aware and have full visibility of your property.

Disk Locks

Disk locks are portable devices that can be fitted on the front or rear tire. The use of a disc lock is for when a thief attempts to steal your motorbike, the lock will give them trouble making it harder to take. Adding a security chain as well as the disk lock go hand in hand, by using a chain and lock the bike will be even tougher to move.

As they are portable and lightweight, you can take your lock everywhere without any hassle. When owning a disk lock, it is important to remember to put it on after every journey and not to forget to take it off before every journey.

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