Chris Broadbent - Planet Earth Games CEO.

World's biggest Plogathon set for Exeter

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Posted Wednesday, June 12, 2019 - 11:02am

Planet Earth Games and Plastic Free Exeter have agreed a partnership to deliver a ‘Plogathon’ – which organisers believe could be the biggest plogging event in the world. 

Plogging refers to the activity of picking up litter whilst jogging - a Swedish derived term, from "plocka" (to pick up) and "jogga" (to jog). From its beginnings in Sweden in 2016, plogging now represents an increasingly global movement, evidenced by the representation of over 40 countries in the official online “Plogga” group.

The Plogathon will take place at the Planet Earth Games in Exeter on July 6th. The Planet Earth Games is trailblazing for sustainability and sport delivering the world’s first environment-themed multi-sports event, encouraging the community to get active whilst also educating young people and their families on environmental sustainability. 

The Planet Earth Games is committed to walking the talk for the environment, they pledge their events will leave no trace, include no avoidable single use plastic, use recycled materials and be at the forefront of sustainability. Alongside the Plogathon, the Games will also feature competitive youth sport and a full day of activities for all the family. 

Their partner in the Plogathon, Plastic Free Exeter, is a community movement with the aim to achieve ‘Plastic Free’ status for Exeter by 2020. The group have been organising monthly plogging events in and around Exeter and bring experience and plogging enthusiasm. 

Chris Broadbent, Planet Earth Games CEO, said: “We are delighted to work with Plastic Free Exeter to deliver the world’s first Plogathon. We love the opportunity to work with partners who share our commitment to sustainability and physical activity.” 

“Plogging was a natural event for us, with the ethos behind it at the core of the Planet Earth Games’ mission to a healthier planet and population,” Broadbent explained. 

The Planet Earth Games’ organisers already have big ambitions for extending their events across the South West of England and beyond. Broadbent argues that “the environment and health of our young people are two of the greatest challenges of our time.  

“Our vision is for a generation of environmentally-sustainable young people inspired through physical activity. Exeter is the starter point for a movement of sustainability and activity that we can take nationally and internationally.”   


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