What You Need To Know Before Becoming A Full-time DJ

Mike Page
Authored by Mike Page
Posted Tuesday, March 17, 2020 - 8:51pm

Are you also pleased with the idea of how fun and easy being a DJ can be? Now it might be a fact, but it’s not all true! Since being a DJ is all fun and cool, it’s also important for someone who is opting to become a DJ to work hard enough in it. As when it comes to becoming a full-time DJ and making your name in it, one needs to consider putting great effort and skills in it. And for that, once you learn about all the insights of becoming a full-time DJ and master all the required skills; it’ll be a little less of a struggle for you to become a successful DJ. So now, let’s start discussing everything important about becoming a full-time DJ!

Master Basic Skills

Once you’ve figured out a suitable type of DJ that you want to become, it’s time for you to move forward and learn the basic skills that would be needed to perform better in it. Now since you might not be familiar with these basic skills and the equipment utilized in the earlier; it might take some time to get used to it. But, once you practice consistently with the below-mentioned skills on the suitable equipment; it’ll be a lot easier for you to manage the equipment and create mixes easily.

  • EQing: This tool helps to infuse sounds that sound well together. Its basic technique involves blending the tracks better to sound interesting. This is done by either increasing or decreasing the frequencies in the song.
  • Volume Control: When you’re using your DJ mixer, it’s important to master the basic volume controlling skill to get along with the mixer. This skill would allow you to understand which knob should be gained or trimmed to maintain a channel signal; while allowing you to fade-in and fade-out between different channels.
  • Phrasing: This is where, as a DJ; you will be mixing the tracks at a specific point, where it would make the most sense and sound well. Also, when learning this skill, it is important to be able to count the beats of a song while matching it up with another one.
  • Beatmatching: Although this technique is no longer in use due to the advanced technologies, if you still learn to beat match; it’ll overall help you become a better DJ.

Practice On Mixes

To become a better and professional DJ, you need to get familiar with the equipment you use. For this, you can learn to record the mixes yourself and then listen to it afterward. This would give you an idea of the mistakes you made while you playback your session and hear it attentively. And so, once you make the necessary changes and improve your mixes; you can share your mixes with your friends and family – who can help you by sharing it further.

Brand Yourself

Once you think you’ve come far enough to master all the basics of DJing rightly and can now also create good mixes; it’s time you start branding yourself more. Promoting your creations on various platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud and other similar ones; would be helpful to get your work forwarded to others. This would not only help you brand yourself and create your following, but you can also avail judgment and remarks on your work from others – helping you improve your work more.

Go Advanced On Your Research And Learning

Once you’ve become comfortable with all the basic working of a DJ and have mastered all the basic skills, it’s time to move a step forward. Now every profession has advanced skills to offer, that one can master and perform well – in comparison to the other relevant career competitors, right?

Similarly, DJing has some advanced techniques that can help you become a better DJ in comparison to the mainstream ones. For this, you can learn to add effects in your tracks, transitioning suitably, or try out the crowd's favorite; scratching. Other than learning some skills, it’s also important for one to attain advanced research on what they’re working on. That is why, to gain advanced knowledge in this matter, Musicaroo has got all the extra insights you’ll need. This would help you find the most suitable equipment for DJing as well as some helpful and relevant insights. 

Now, as much as becoming a DJ is quite fun and creative, it might not just reward you with a great living in the very beginning. So no matter what your salary goal might be if you love DJing; you’ll surely go a long way in it. Just make sure you’re giving all or most of your time and effort to it. And with that, slowly but surely you’ll make a successful career out of it!


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