Warning to be vigilant against insulation scam

Teignbridge District Council is warning residents not to give their personal details over the phone as bogus callers target the area.

Insulation companies have been contacting local residents about cavity wall insulation and are claiming to work for Teignbridge.

Local residents are being advised that the cavity wall insulation they have installed is not up to standard and they are at risk of ending up with damp problems. This is followed by a claim that they can claim compensation from the company who did the installation.

The Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA), who are working with Trading Standards, have advised that it is not just one company involved and profiting from the scam. In one instance a customer was charged £800 just for a survey before they could even proceed to making a claim.

However, Teignbridge continue to work with installers to improve the energy efficiency of people’s homes through the new Help to Heat scheme. This scheme offers eligible homeowners grant funding for insulation measures, replacement boilers and electric storage heaters. Energy assistance grants are also available for eligible Teignbridge landlords. To find out more, or to register for a free no obligation survey, visit www.teignbridge.gov.uk/savingenergy

Residents are being advised that if they experience a problem with their cavity wall insulation then the first point of contact should be the installer who carried out the work, and if no success they should then contact CIGA.

Cllr Humphrey Clemens, Teignbridge District Council’s executive for planning and housing said: “We are urging our residents to stay vigilant against call scams like this. Our advice is to always ask the caller's name and if you are in doubt at all don’t be fooled into giving away private information, please hang up and contact the Council. 

“These kinds of scams are not seen often in Teignbridge but we do have the occasional outbreak and I would encourage everyone to be really careful about what they give away on the phone. If in doubt, disclose nothing and report the caller to us.”

Nigel Donohue, Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency’s CEO, said: “CIGA has recently spoken to several people concerned about callers claiming to be able to assist with claims associated with incorrectly installed cavity wall insulation.

“Householders are often being encouraged to sign up with a claims company, and provide personal details. In some cases, householders have been charged for ‘inspections’ on their property and had work carried out that could potentially compromise the insulation and result in their CIGA guarantee being void.

“Although the promise of compensation may sound enticing CIGA would urge consumers to consider this route very carefully. If residents have a concern relating to cavity wall insulation they can contact CIGA on 01525 853300 or email concerns@ciga.co.uk. There is absolutely no requirement to pay for an inspection or hand over personal details or money to a claims company.”

Further information about cold callers and claims companies can be found at https://ciga.co.uk/cold-callers-and-claims-companies/