Trailerful of mutton raises funds for Carnival Committee

Sue Cade
Authored by Sue Cade
Posted Monday, November 16, 2015 - 8:07am

The Rusty Pig once again provided a takeaway for revellers at Tar Barrels to fundraise for the Carnival Committee. The outside catering in a converted cattle trailer on Mill Street was manned by chef Joe Draper from Ashburton. Joe and his helpers served up wood fired spicy mutton flat bread accompanied by Rusty Pig’s homemade feta cheese, garlic and herb sauce and pickled red onions. Fittingly, the mutton was supplied by Lewis Strawbridge, one of the Barrel Rollers. And to add a bit of extra heat to the evening, an almost unbearably hot chilli sauce was created by ‘Big’ Fran Lee. Over 200 hungry revellers visited the trailer during the event, and proceeds amounted to £900. All profits from this are to be donated to the Carnival Committee. Rusty Pig Chef, Robin Rea said: “While I was busy running an event in the restaurant, Joe was making an impressive number of flat breads – we were delighted that so many people enjoyed the dish, which was especially invented for the evening.”

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