Top last-minute Christmas gifts to keep in mind this year

Mike Page
Authored by Mike Page
Posted Thursday, December 6, 2018 - 8:49am

Christmas always seems to sneak up on us at the last minute. Perhaps you forgot to give your aunt a gift, or perhaps you have just been so busy with work and social engagements that you have fallen woefully behind on the Christmas gift shopping. Either way, if you are facing the last minute Christmas gift panic, take a step back and relax. There are so many great gift ideas out there that you can pick up that won’t seem like a last-minute gift at all. They are easy, sentimental, and perfect for your loved ones:

A Handmade Decoration

Getting a beautiful handmade or unique Christmas decoration is a great Christmas gift hands down. It is also incredibly easy to do. Just go out to any of Britain's best Christmas markets and pick up something you think is timeless and beautiful. You’ll be giving a great gift and helping local artisans!

An Experience

Another way to better the Christmas season and give a great gift is to take them out for a great evening. Some examples include:

1. Go to a Play

There are Christmas plays, musicals, classical plays, and big west-end hits. Regardless of what you choose going on a night out – your treat – is a great gift for your family members. Your mum, grandparents, or other family members would love it.

2. Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is another great tradition to start, and, when you look at the price points for some of the rinks (particularly in London) you will quickly realise how great of a present it can be. Choose a great location, take them out for lunch, enjoy some ice skating, and you will have given a great Christmas date.

A Lottery Ticket

If your loved one checks the EuroMillions results on a regular basis, then buy him or her a few tickets. Put them in a Christmas card with a heartfelt message, and you will have given them both a gift of sentiment and a gift worth giving. Christmas is the season of miracles, after all, and if luck is on their side that little, last minute gift will be – quite literally – worth millions.

Fun for the Future

Finally, when in doubt, give them a gift they can enjoy in the future. Examples include:

1. A Workshop or Class

Do they love pottery? Woodworking? Want to learn a new sport? There are so many classes or workshops out there to experience, meaning you are guaranteed to find a good gift in a few clicks.

2. A Trip

Similar to a workshop or class, a trip can be inexpensive (especially when booked in advance) and perfect. Ideal if you wanted to get a weekend away for your parents, or if you wanted to book a romantic holiday with your own partner.

Last minute doesn’t mean it has to be bad. Instead, just think outside of the box and either get something sentimental, of the season or get them an experience. A useless trinket is a useless trinket, so skip buying whatever is on sale at your local shop and choose instead any of these great gift ideas.

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