Redrow Homes supports community land rejuvenation project

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Posted Thursday, September 27, 2018 - 10:36am

Redrow Homes is working in partnership with the local council and community in Pinhoe, Exeter to revamp a derelict patch of land into a beautiful landscaped space.

The area is located near to Redrow’s Saxon Brook development and has been empty since a popular pub was demolished.

On learning that Redrow had a development in the area, Exeter City Council reached out to the award-winning housebuilder. Redrow was immediately keen to be involved in the rejuvenation of the community’s land surrounding Saxon Brook.

The project is well underway, and the team involved have been able to build a fence around the garden, meaning they are ready to soil and plant the ground.

Ebbie Peters, a community builder in Pinhoe said: “My job is to talk to the community, find out what their concerns are and then take action to resolve them. Everyone agrees the derelict land looks awful and we are eager to transform it into a public garden for all to enjoy.”

The project’s fundamental goal is to visually improve the area, but as a result is bringing together members of the community. Exeter City Council is currently calling for support from any local businesses that are willing to help fund the gardening to make it as fruitful as possible, as well as volunteers to help with the gardening work.

Commenting on the partnership with the housebuilder, Ebbie said: “Working with Redrow on this project has been a really positive experience and we are grateful for their help. It has been an excellent opportunity to engage in an innovative collaboration with business, the council and the community.”

Michele Jones, area sales manager at Redrow West Country, said: “We are looking forward to continuing with this restoration and cannot wait to see the finished garden.

“At Redrow we are committed to supporting the community in the places that we build houses, and we feel very proud to be involved in such a worthwhile project that is bringing people together.”

With a selection of two, three and four-bedroom family homes, the Saxon Brook development offers the perfect balance of traditional Devon country life combined with advantages that come with living in a city.

Saxon Brook boasts the stunning designs of Redrow’s Heritage Collection which takes inspiration from the soft colour palettes and traditional structures of the Arts and Crafts movement of the 1920s.


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