How Tarot Card reading affects people's feelings

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 8:48am

Tarot card reading is an exercise that should be undertaken with a lot of discretion and discernment. The attention you dedicate to it will help you understand what each card stands for. A good interpretation of tarot cards will provide you with a guide about your future. There is a way tarot card reading affects people’s feelings.

Can be scary

No doubt this is an exercise that might send some people into panic. It is pretty scary reading these cards, especially alone. You will tend to freak out most of the times, especially when flipping the cards to reveal their content. There is no need to be scared about tarot readings. That feeling of fear can be gotten rid of by just one simple trick, believing tarot card reading entails possibilities. The possibilities might come to pass or not. Do not keep sulking about a negative possibility shown through tarot cards. You will obviously enjoy reading these cards once you master this simple act.

Keep trying

Tarot reading might affect you negatively. This practice can prevent you from pursuing your goals and targets. You need to be very careful when reading these cards. If your tarot card reading gives you negative readings, you should not give up in life. Despite the results being unconvincing, ensure you keep working hard on whatever you are pursuing in life. Strive to meet your targets and achieve your goals. This spirit will ensure you achieve everything that matters in your life. You will stay focused all through. In short, you will not be defined by what is on the Tarot cards.

Avoid tarot card reading when emotional

It is very evident that tarot card readings might defocus you. This is very true when you read it in various conditions, for instance, when you are very emotional. Most people who read tarot cards under this condition are always looking for something positive. They want something to raise their spirit and maybe get some false hope about the future. This will cause anxiety and hence affects you badly when it comes to tarot reading. You will not be analytical or attentive while reading these cards. You should adhere to, Sheila Moon from Psychic 2 Tarot remarks that writing down the things you fear can help you rationalize your feelings towards them and develop a plan to work through your distress. This will only be possible if you are in the right mood when reading tarot cards. Make sure all the time you are in your normal spirit before you engage in this exercise.

Uses your current situation

Reading tarot cards is similar to weather forecasting. This means it provides answers in relation to your current situation and turn of events. From it, you will get a guide about your life. However, it is not a guarantee that your life will turn out as revealed by the cards. It is up to you to be smart, lest you end up getting into a lot of mistakes by hanging on false hope. You still have to retain your focus in despite the outcome of tarot card reading.

Mistakes to avoid

There are a number of mistakes people tend to commit during the tarot card reading. These mistakes always come with negative impacts. This means you ought to avoid those mistakes at all costs.

The mistakes which are bound to be committed by tarot card readers include the following:

1. Reading when anxious

Anxiety will tend to lead you into choosing the wrong card. You are also bound to be less analytical since you will not be that attentive. It is very important to ensure you are in your right mind prior to engaging in tarot card reading. This is very important for your own benefit.

2. Too many clarifiers

This is a common mistake among people who want the outcome of tarot card readings to work to their advantage. They will likely add a lot of Clarifiers to favor them. Clarifiers do not solve any problem, instead, they just bring about a lot of confusion. This mistake will get rid of any slightest trust you have in your life. It is better if you tried as much as possible to avoid this kind of mistake for your own good.

3. Complicated spreads

There is an acceptable number of cards that constitute to a perfect spread. Normally going to a spread of three cards is better. This type of spread will make it easier to unravel the theme at hand.

Tarot card reading is an exercise that should be done with a lot of precision. You just do not get into it awkward. Pay attention in order to avoid being affected negatively by this practice.


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