Get a Dose of the Great Outdoors and Commune with Nature with These Tips

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Wednesday, August 5, 2020 - 8:33am

In today’s world of chaos and constant stimulation, it can be really hard to quiet the mind and thoughts, and thus, the more and more pressure we put on ourselves, the more our health degrades. Our minds and bodies need silence in order to regenerate. And what better way to achieve that inner peace and quiet, than to venture into nature. 


Hiking is an amazing way for us to use the benefits of what nature has to offer. Nature can whip us into shape, while also helping us to sweat out our frustrations. If you happen to find yourself caught up in the race, going for a hike really gives you the chance to reflect, recharge, and reconnect with yourself when you've been too busy to take notice. Sometimes just taking some time out and tuning into yourself can help you identify if you're feeling a little under the weather or if perhaps you have been more stressed than usual. Hiking is an ideal way for nature to give us some much-needed therapy, while it is also very much so affordable. 

It is important to mention that while nature sure is very inviting, you should be aware of the dangers that it poses. So be sure to bring enough water, a compass, a map, and even an emergency kit if you can. It won’t hurt to be extra safe, just in case.

Camping Trips

You wouldn’t believe how much spending just three days in nature without any modern technology is going to help your brain to fully relax and just reset itself. It will definitely help you to rest and recharge the brain, improve your productivity, lower your stress level, and just generally make you feel better. Camping gives us all the ability to immerse ourselves more in the outdoors rather than just going on a one day hike. This way, you get to spend more time outdoors and simply be in space rather than always moving through it. Of course, when you go camping, you need to have a bit more equipment. 

As it’s pointed out in the previous hiking section, you should always be safe and prepared! And if you are not sure what equipment you should bring to camping, for great reviews and tips you can check this site out, we’re the experts on this topic will guide you through it. I will say it again, it’s always better to be safe and pack a few more things than to find yourself in an uncomfortable situation!


An outing to the forest or along the water is always a good idea, but who says it has to be a hike or a camping trip? If you prefer a higher pace and experiencing nature in a different way, you can go mountain-biking. Mountain-biking is the activity of riding a bicycle on different kinds of off-road trails. It requires endurance, speed, balance, and technical skills to navigate through rough terrains. Unlike road-bikers, mountain bikers tend to pursue obstacles and see the world as a natural and challenging playground full of winding trails and new things to explore. 


Whether it is vertical downhill sections, steep ascents, loose rocks, water crossings, tree roots: everything can be an opportunity to put your abilities to the test, have fun, and enjoy nature. Knowing how to handle your mountain bike and feeling comfortable and confident enough with the equipment that ranges from the bike’s saddle, the height of pedals, the brakes, and the position of the helmet is essential for this activity. Being able to fix any mechanical problems that may occur along the way is another great skill to have since you probably don’t want to drag your bike with you along the way if something does go wrong.

Take a Walk

While everything mentioned before requires some kind of preparation and tends to be exhausting, it really doesn’t always have to be like that. If you just don’t have the time to plan an entire trip and money for the equipment - there are other alternatives. Depending on where you live, you can go on a stroll through the park or perhaps a local forest. It doesn’t have to last a whole day for you to enjoy nature, since it is all around us. If you perhaps have a dog, you can bring him with you! 

Look up at the trees, take in all the smells, and breathe deeply. Let’s not forget how beautiful everything that nature gives us is.

Spending time in nature is such a great thing. When you’re told to “get out” into nature, remember to start within. Experiencing the natural world starts when we experience our own natural preferences and rhythms. So on that note, go out, be safe, and enjoy!


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