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Dedicated Officers and Volunteers Thanked at Exeter Awards Event

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Posted Monday, November 20, 2023 - 12:08am

Police officers, staff and volunteers gathered in Exeter earlier this month to receive recognition and pay tribute to those who have gone above and beyond in the line of duty.

The awards ceremony at Northcott Theatre in the city was a chance for senior managers to thank the teams who keep our communities safe.

Those being honoured included colleagues showing bravery, initiative and dedication in serving the public and keeping communities safe.  

The awards were presented by Superintendent Antony Hart, Local Policing Area Commander for Exeter, East & Mid Devon.  

VIP guests on the night included The Lord Mayor of Exeter, Councillor Kevin Mitchell, The Mayor of Exmouth, Councillor Olly Davey and The Mayor of Cullompton, Councillor Mike Thompson.

Superintendent Antony Hart commented: “These awards represent the very best in policing. I am continually impressed by the can-do attitude of officers, staff and volunteers, their dedication to doing the right thing and their drive to deliver the highest possible standards of service to the public. I am extremely proud of all those who were nominated by peers for their awards this evening.”

Superintendent’s Team Certificate

Duties and Responsibilities

Police Sergeant Matt Beards, Police Constables Samuel Parfett, Neil Miles, Katrina Catton, Adrian Legg and Tim Stoner; Special Constable Mark Bevan, PCs Ben Middleton and Adam Speers, Police Community Support Officer Darren England and Vehicle Examiner Neil Wilson

Police Sergeant Matt Beards received an intelligence notification from Hampshire Police relating to stolen property being advertised for sale within East Devon. He co-ordinated a response and within 48 hours PCs Katrina Catton, Sam Parfett, Ben Middleton and Adam Speers - along with Police Community Support Officer Darren England - were joined by PCs Neil Miles, Adrian Legg, Tim Stoner and Special Constable Mark Bevan in enacting a warrant.

Vehicle examiner Neil Wilson attended in an advisory capacity and, as a result of his expertise, £80,000 worth of stolen machinery was recovered, significantly disrupting an Organised Crime Group which is operating nationally. The stolen property has since been returned to the grateful owners.

Superintendent’s Team Certificate

Authority, Respect and Courtesy; Duties and Responsibilities 

PCs Rupert Powles, Tina Ashdown, Jake Small and Gemma Davies         

In December last year, PCs Rupert Powles, Tina Ashdown, Jake Small and Gemma Davies attended a report from ambulance staff who were dealing with a man suffering from a mental health breakdown and threatening to harm others with a knife. 
When the officers arrived the man walked towards them, brandishing the weapon. Officers calmed and reassured the man and encouraged him to put the knife down. Although one of the officers was assaulted, they managed to contain the man, remove the knife and secure him which enabled a mental health intervention to take place. Through bravery, courage and professionalism the officers prevented anyone else being harmed and showed compassion and understanding to a person in crisis.

Superintendent’s Certificate

Duties and Responsibilities

Sergeant Steve Mingo

Police Sergeant Steve Mingo lead his team in executing a warrant in response to some live intelligence relating to stolen property being sold in East Devon. As part of the operation, £80,000 worth of stolen machinery was recovered. The stolen property was connected to burglaries committed nationwide. Steve worked in conjunction with colleagues from other police forces to investigate this burglary series and was able to identify another key suspect who resided in another force area. This work has significantly disrupted an Organised Crime Group which is operating nationally and has been key in advancing a number of investigations across numerous police forces.

Superintendent’s Certificate

For showing selflessness and compassion in assisting a distressed suicidal male

Kevin Weyman – Member of the public 

Kevin was out walking his dog when he saw a man in distress the wrong side of a barrier on the cliff edge. Kevin engaged in chat with the man, who said he was suicidal but Kevin managed to distract him and give the man some hope that help was available. Fortunately, police had already been called and when they arrived they spoke with Kevin and the distressed man who subsequently returned to the correct side of the barrier. The man was taken by officers to a place of safety and referrals were made for him to receive appropriate help and support.

Kevin could have just walked past and ignored the man, but he took time to engage and showed compassion to him which clearly helped save the man’s life.

Chief Superintendent’s Commendation, presented by Supt Antony Hart on behalf of North, East & West Devon Commander Chief Supt Jenny Bristow 

For Duties and Responsibilities

PC Jake Small

While on mobile patrol PC Jake Small spotted a man lying on his back on the ground. He checked the person who was found unresponsive and appeared rigid, with his eyes wide open. PC Small quickly phoned an ambulance, accurately and efficiently reporting on the person's condition. While waiting for the ambulance the man had multiple seizures and laboured breathing before he stopped breathing altogether. PC Small immediately provided CPR until the man was breathing again. During this time, PC Small also diligently searched the man before using the fingerprint scanner to identify him as an 18-year-old student. The unwell man was taken to hospital by ambulance and treated for a serious drugs overdose. PC Small undoubtedly saved this young man’s life with his initiative and commitment to his duties. 

Superintendent’s Certificate, presented by Supt Antony Hart on behalf of Specials Supt Lou Quaintance.

Duties and Responsibilities

Special Constable Mark Bevan – based at Cullompton Police Station

Mark attended his local police station while off duty and heard about an ongoing missing person search off his patch. He became aware that other members of the Special Constabulary were attending to support the search and decided to book on duty and assist. Mark helped with the search of a wooded area in horrendous conditions and volunteered to stay late to assist the Mountain Rescue Group with some more targeted searches. Mark was with the Mountain Rescue Group when they located the missing person, sadly deceased. Mark was able to pass on a detailed update and then preserved the scene until crime scene managers and CID officers arrived.

Superintendent’s Team Certificate

Respect, Fairness, Openness, Equality and Diversity; Selflessness; Duties and Responsibilities

PCs Charlotte Allen, Harriet Rees, Kelly-Ann Hutchens. Deborah Ward, Viv Maddison, Jamie Freer, Treena Marvelly, Helen Winterson, Steven Wall,  Leanne Klinkenberg and Julie Chapman 

Throughout the criminal justice process, Devon Sexual Offences Liaison Officers provide an exceptional service to rape victims, building trust through empathy and kindness, without judgment, or bias. The team improve justice outcomes and deal with demand for acute medical examinations, directing investigation teams, undertaking best evidence statement taking and assisting interviews, as well as keeping victims updated. They work effectively across boundaries, in partnership with other agencies and policing teams to manage high risk, complex safeguarding scenarios, preventing further harm, as well as promoting victim engagement and recovery.

They demonstrate commitment and professionalism through regular professional training and accreditation, adopting practices to further improve the service given to victims of sexual crimes.

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