Bringing adventure to Exeter's Barnfield Theatre

  Totnes based company, Lifedge, will be helping to bring a taste of adventure to Exeter with the announcement it will be sponsoring UK adventurer, Mark Beaumont’s upcoming UK tour, which will see him appear at Exeter’s Barnfield theatre on Friday October 19th. Lifedge was launched earlier this year by Scanstrut – a company that has been designing products for the demanding marine environment for over 25 years. The first product to be launched is the Waterproof iPad Case, designed to enable all outdoor enthusiasts to use their iPads in any location, no matter how extreme the conditions. 29 year old Mark Beaumont, from Perthshire in Scotland, is an adventurer, documentary maker and author with an inspirational passion for ultra endurance expeditions.  In the past five years, he has broken the Guinness World Record for the fastest circumnavigation by bicycle, cycled from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego whilst climbing the highest peaks in North and South America, and formed part of the six man team who rowed through the Canadian Arctic to the 1996 location of the North Magnetic Pole. Recently, he returned from an attempt to break the World Record for rowing across the Atlantic. After rowing over 2000 miles, his boat capsized and he survived for 14 hours in a life raft before being rescued. Mark has self-filmed three BBC1 documentaries and published two books. With Lifedge onboard as a sponsor, Mark will be appearing at the Barnfield theatre in Exeter on October 19th. An Evening with Mark Beaumont will see Mark talk about each of his four major expeditions, showing jaw dropping film clips and photography from around the world. In particular, Mark will be sharing how he began his adventure fuelled life and will share for the first time how he survived the Atlantic expedition and what impact the accident has had on his life and expedition plans. Tom Reed, Managing Director at Lifedge says: “We are proud to be sponsoring Mark Beaumont’s UK tour, and are delighted that he will be visiting the South West. Mark has a unique passion for sharing his tales of adventure, culture and the extremes of human endurance. Mark’s passion reflects Lifedge’s core values, which are about encouraging and inspiring people to simply get out there and ‘do’ more.” Mark says: “I take a lot of strength from the fact that so many people follow my journeys, aspiring to go out and take on their own dreams. Exploring the world and pushing my limits is a dream career – for all the risks and set backs I still love the adventure. Lifedge is one of five sponsors including Rudy Project, The Saltire Foundation, Adventure Film Festival, Insights and Kukri Events. Tickets are available from and cost £14/£12 with concessions For further information visit For further information about Lifedge visit  
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