5 Things to Consider When Buying a Deployment Clasp

Sam Richards
Authored by Sam Richards
Posted Saturday, July 13, 2019 - 6:56am

The tang buckle is the most common type of clasp used by watches like Omega. While a replacement for this buckle is cheaper and it gives that classic feel, there are also disadvantages to it, such as the difficulty of use and adding to the wear and tear of the strap. A deployment clasp is another option to use. If the tang buckle of your Omega requires replacement, you can get an Omega deployment clasp. Even if your tang buckle is not yet damaged, you may still choose to replace it with a deployment clasp. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to do so.

Less strap wear and tear

Watches with tang buckles are more prone to wear and tear on the strap because they are being pulled and stretched. Inserting the pin in the hole of the strap can also make it bigger since the pin may not always perfectly fit in it. A deployment clasp will prevent this problem as you will insert the pin beforehand, making it fit perfectly. Pulling and stretching of the strap is also avoided, thus making it last longer. 

Simple to install

Installing a deployment clasp is not rocket science. Even if you are not a pro on watches, you can still perform the replacement on your own using a spring bar tool. If the watch still has a tang buckle, remove it first so you can install one end of the deployment clasp. The other end doesn’t need any installation since this is the part with the pin that you will insert in the hole of the strap. 

Easy to use

If you are not dexterous, it will be challenging to wear a watch that comes with a tang buckle as you have to do it with one hand. Using a deployment clasp is a breeze because you can insert the pin in the hole of the strap before you even wear the watch so you can use your two hands with it. Once done, simply wear it on your wrist, fold over the clasp, and secure. 

More secure

You need to push the buttons on both ends of the clasp to open it, making it more secure. Plus, since it’s folded over, it will also not easily fall once you unlock it. It will protect your watch from falling and breaking, which can easily happen with a normal tang buckle. 


Deployment clasps are available in various finishes and colours. Whether you prefer to match the shade of your strap or you wish to use a different one, you have the choice to do so. Since they are easy to remove and install, you can invest in several deployment clasps that come in different colours so you can quickly update the look of your watch without actually buying a new one and spending more on a strap replacement. 

A deployment clasp is an inexpensive watch part replacement that is worth the purchase if you are looking for better security and protection for the strap of your watch.

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