4 Varieties of E-Bikes that Would Fit Your Style

Mike Page
Authored by Mike Page
Posted Thursday, March 26, 2020 - 9:08am

Electric bikes are the new wave of technology that can drastically change the way we travel to work and generally get around. There is a boom in e-bikes with different companies offering many kinds of features. Depending on your personal style and needs, you can now find an electric bike that suits you.

Pedal Assisted Electric Bikes

Electric bicycles can incorporate the extra boost of speed and power through a throttle or by assisting the biker to pedal. Pedal assisted bikes detect any extra effort by the biker when pedaling and adds a boost of power and speed to this momentum. This means that bikers still get to travel by their own energy, it is just that the electric bikes assist the bikers and allow them to travel farther than before.

We can distinguish pedal assisted electric bikes as road bikes or mountain bikes. The suspension for e-mountain bikes are generally better than that of electric road bikes since the intention is to take them off road. Pedal assisted electric bikes may also have throttles installed to give an added boost of speed on the road or power to climb hills.

Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are part of the wave of new technology that provides viable options for commuters to get to work. These electric scooters are maneuverable and also foldable, which is ideal for office workers going to work. According to the experts at Ride Two Wheels, electric scooters are here to stay. They are a convenient form of personal transport that can weave through traffic jams. There are different criteria for choosing electric scooters such as how fast they can go, how stable they are, how much weight they can carry, as well as how easily they can be carried when not being used.

Most electric scooters are designed as personal urban transportation. However, there are also powerful off-road electric scooters that have great suspension and are meant for adrenaline filled adventure. There are also versions of electric scooters with wide wheels meant for a long range and stable ride in an urban environment.

Electric Dirt Bikes

The technology for electric motorcycles has reached a level that has some companies matching the performance of gas-powered dirt bikes with their own versions of electric dirt bikes. Leading motorcycle brands have been releasing their own electric off-road motorcycles which perform just as well as their petrol-powered predecessors if not better. There is one distinctive characteristic that the electric dirt bikes have, they are not noisy. 

Errand Style Electric Bikes

There are now quite a few very interesting electric bike designs that are geared towards carrying cargo as well as people. Food and package delivery services have certainly taken note of the rise of electric bikes. There are cargo bikes that can carry 400 pounds while cruising at 15 miles per hour. There are also delivery services that are shifting their operations towards using special signature delivery vehicles that are actually electric bikes in disguise.

E-bikes for Every Style

Electric bikes are steadily carving out their own niche by offering different personal vehicles in a wide range of styles. Whatever may be your preference of features, chances are that there is already an electric bike or scooter that has it.


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