I am feline fine

4 of the most hilarious pet puns you’ve ever heard

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Sunday, October 6, 2019 - 6:23am

Pet puns are common in most social media conversations. They add to the fun in social communication, and also create an element of mischief. Some of the most common pet puns revolve around cats. It is not uncommon to see someone respond to a Facebook post with the meme, “You gotta be kitten me.” If you too would like to use these pet puns, you can check out tuxedo-cat.co.uk. This site has hundreds of cat puns that you can try out on your friends. To simplify things for you, here are 4 of the most hilarious pet puns you’ve ever heard. 

1. I am feline fine

This is simply a distortion of, “I am feeling fine”. You can use this together with the image of a cat relaxing or playing around. In this context, the term feeling is substituted for feline, which is a term used to describe the cat family. It is also useful in situations where you want to ask someone if they are feeling fine. In such a situation, you can state, hey buddy, are you sure you are feline fine? However, the most hilarious of them all is when it is used sarcastically. Picture this, someone makes a stupid comment like, “the earth is flat.” A reply like, “are you feline fine in the head” would be quite appropriate and funny.

2. What kind of car does your cat drive? A Furrari

This is one funny meme and is usually applicable in lazy conversations, just for the sake of creating a thread. The fun part comes in the fact that cats don’t drive. The Furrari part is a distortion of the word Ferrari. When turned into a gif or meme thread, it can make for a nice past time activity on a lazy weekend afternoon. It also comes out funny when used in inappropriate situations. For instance, in a social media post about a celebrity who has just bought a million-dollar car, one can use a meme reading, “my cat drives a Furrari.” It is funny and takes away the seriousness in the original post.

3. What do cats wear to bed? Pawjamas

The fun part is a cat wearing something to bed, and of course the distortion of the term pajamas to ‘pawjamas.’ This is usually used in fun memes especially in friend social media conversations. It even becomes funnier when it is followed by a series of other memes all with a similar theme. One funny cat pun that can help create a thread out of this is, “are you kitten me?” 

4. What do you call cats who love each other? Best fur-iends

This is another funny pun that is quite common in communication between best friends. The fur-iend is a distortion of the word friend, which is changed to denote cats. To make it funnier, some people create threads that are made up of similar questions. For instance, one can follow it up with the question, “what’s a cat’s favorite show?” with the answer being Meowsical. Meowsical, in this case, is used to denote ‘Musical.’


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