Holidays are the best time to get more traffic on your website!

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Posted Friday, January 10, 2020 - 10:22am

It's the most wonderful time of the year... for everyone! Christmas and New Year time is the happiest time of the year for most of the people on the planet.

This is when people make most of the shopping in the year. Everyone's buying presents for their beloved ones, for their family, for friends. This is also the time when all the shops and services offer sales. That's another reason for making the process of shopping more intense and vaster.

Considering the fact that people now prefer doing shopping online, most of the shops have their websites for an online shopping.

Websites play a great role in the destiny of your online shopping. If you want a successful online business, then you should take care of the quality of your website. First impression is super important for the future of your online shop. Make sure your website is well-organized, tasteful and original. But the other thing to pay attention to is the user- friendliness of your website.

Let's check top 5 tips to have a user-friendly website in the easiest way.

Mobile responsiveness

The website should be created so that it fits responsively on mobile devices as well. Most of us check websites on our mobiles and it's very important to see the website look and operate well on mobile devices as well.

The best and the most certain way of testing the mobile- friendliness of a website is doing it via Google test. It's simple, you just paste your website URL and check the results online.

Here's the link for the test:


When speaking about a user-friendly website, we shouldn't forget about its accessibility to all kinds of users. It should be easily accessible for blind people, for elderly people and for disabled, of course. Screen-readers are typically used by such kinds of users to access the website. So, just consider this face when creating a user-friendly website.

Organized content

Today, most of the website owners forget about the organization of website content filling it with unnecessary information which is making the navigation complicated on the site. A user-friendly website should be well-organized. The users must be able to easily find any needed content on your website. The navigation should be simplified for the maximum. Complicated and mixed websites always push the users and they just leave such websites not getting engaged.

Load speed

Slowly loading websites are the most annoying ones for any user. Most of us just leave the website getting anxious about the slowly loading content on the website. The website speed improvement is one of the most important things you should take care about as a website owner. It shouldn't be overloaded, it should be optimized and be fast. No one will hang and wait until the content loads, even if you've built the most charming and cool website in the history. Again, one of the most effective way of checking the website speed and optimizing it, remains Google:

Contact means

Being available for the users is one of the essentials of having a successful website. Users should know they can easily get in touch with you whenever they need help or have any questions.

Various types of contact forms are available to be used on a website. The point is to make it clear, valid and accessible.

Besides having contact form on the page itself, people now use them in popups as well. This method is actually more prominent, as the users see the contact form automatically, in a popping up window, and they don't have to search for it on the website. Especially, if the form is shown with an exit popup , it increases the chances that the user will fill it and get help. This way the popup shows just when the user tries to leave the website, sometimes not finding help on the site. This is why it can be a great way to engage with them and get back to your website.

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