The Best Local Businesses with Online Access: Exeter

Val Watson
Authored by Val Watson
Posted Tuesday, July 26, 2022 - 9:07pm

Following the last few years of remote working, delayed projects, sold office spaces, and more, it is truly heartening to see local businesses boom. Having access to UK-based goods that stand out from the crowd is a privilege we shouldn’t be wasting, and so here are the best products from local businesses that go above and beyond to supply quality and style to the UK.

Bold, Simple, Powerful

Firstly, is the Horsham-based company Newman Bands. Newman creates rings that don’t feature large centrepiece jewels or protruding bits of metal, instead creating sleek, smooth bands of titanium that can contain an impressive amount of design work. While the bands are relatively simple as a concept, the variety of materials, colours, and styles all compound to create a huge roster of rings suitable for a multitude of situations. These bands are highly workplace-friendly, and some are particularly professional, while others are jazzier and would make excellent day-to-day splashes of colour (especially on those of us men who have failed to reach out into accessorising yet). With full UK delivery and a neat returns policy, this UK-centric company are one to remember for your professional and personal accessory box.

Food, Drink, Gifts

Local Businesses that have grown and branched out to cover the UK as a whole are inspiring. Unlike our previous business though, this place has food. Darts Farm are a varied a bag of hampers, in-person experiences, classes, restaurants, and more. While a visit in person is the ultimate way to experience a place like this, it is the online access that is impressive. Being able to skip the middlemen and order from Darts is an exceptional achievement for the farm, and the sheer variety of products available for delivery means you’ll certainly find something you want to support the local business by picking up.

Abstracts, Landscapes, Commissions Open

Local Businesses that are single artists, putting their work out there and attending shows, are the local businesses that online accessibility helps support. Being able to go online and see the amazing portfolio of local artist like Amy Cummins and their complete history of varied art is inspiring. You can see their previous commissions here, and explore their career as local artists. You can even commission if you want to show your support for this local artist who has consistently been showing a varied talent over the past 2 decades.

Lights, Camera, Action

From one kind of artist to another: Filmmakers. The Exeter Phoenix is a venue that is run as a charity, helping those who want to experience cultural film history, but also those who want to make it. The venue is a part of the BFI Film Audience Network which is a large conglomerate of venues. This network helps amateur filmmakers, newcomers, veterans, event access, and more all take place across the UK. You are on the doorstep of a key part of local film history. While many events are in-person as a viewer, the support network and information for creators is all accessible online. If you or someone you know is interested, head to the site and explore what the network can provide you. One day maybe you’ll be the local business we are supporting.

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