Wooden garages for period properties

Mike Page
Authored by Mike Page
Posted Monday, November 18, 2019 - 8:50am

Period properties are rarely suitable for the modern lifestyle. You can sleep in the same bedroom that’s been used for centuries, and you could fit updated appliances in an older home. However, the carriage house, if it exists, typically won’t house your car. Putting a car port next to a period house kills the aesthetics. The solution is a wooden garage. More importantly, the wooden garage can serve multiple purposes for the modern family. 

The Single Bay Garage 

A single bay garage gives you a sheltered place to store your car or motorcycle. It may have storage space, but it isn’t going to replace a storage building unless you order one with additional storage capacity. The garage could be a stand-alone structure or an add-on to your residence. If you’re putting in a garage, remember that this is a great time to add a deck or covered outdoor living area. Or put up a wall-mounted port to give you an open but protected walkway to and from the stand-alone garage. Or ask them to put in a gazebo in the back yard. Alternatively, the garage could have open storage on one side or the other that can serve the same purpose. The extended open area becomes a shaded gathering point for everyone at parties or when you want to relax outside and enjoy the sunset. Basic closed stores on the garage are not fancy, but it takes up less space and will protect your vehicle from the elements and theft. And the lovely oak building will match the home’s architecture. 

The Multi-Bay Garage 

Two, three and even four bay garages are perfect for the multi-car family. Each car you own should have its own bay, since there is no point in parking on the street because you tried to save money. Consider building a garage based on the number of cars you hope to own. If you don’t buy a separate vehicle for your teenager, you still have space to store their bicycles, motor bike or other wheeled toys. And the extra bay can become a de facto workshop or storage space. For example, it is a great place to store car parts and maintenance items. 

The Complex 

Complexes built by companies like Oak Frames Direct are multi-function buildings. They may contain a several bay garage connected to a dedicated workshop. Now you can work in your workshop in peace, whether you’re rebuilding an engine or painting a painting. The attached buildings could be garden sheds, a home office or stable. Work with an architect to design the building you need, whatever that may be. It isn’t uncommon to build a multi-bay garage and put a guest apartment on top. Get the most out of the building. Consider it the opposite, too, of the trend of turning carriage houses into starter homes. 

Another option is building a connected barn and car garage. Just don’t forget to design the barn for the livestock you hope to keep. Goats have very different needs from horses.

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