Why Cleaning Your House is Good for Your Health

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Monday, July 1, 2019 - 12:17pm


There are many reasons that motivate a good house clean, and it’s usually down to visiting guests, hosting a party, or greeting the in-laws. These occasions can lead to a mad rush and panic while you spruce the place up, making sure every room and area is spotless and presentable to people other than your own family. 

There is, however, a much more serious reason for cleaning your house, and it all comes down to your health. Your health, and the health of your nearest and dearest, needs protecting at all times, and while this may conjure up images of wearing your seatbelt when in the car and keeping sickness bugs at bay, cleaning your home is also a fundamental way to do so.  

The build-up for bacteria

It doesn't take long for bacteria to build up around the house with problem areas usually located around the kitchen and bathroom. These areas can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and leave you and your family vulnerable to getting sick. While E. coli and salmonella are associated with food poisoning, it could be the cleanliness of your home that is actually doing the damage. The best thing to do is to keep these areas sanitised and bleach worktops and floors regularly, especially if you’ve got little ones running around. 

Moisture and mould 

Ongoing damp inside your home can lead to serious respiratory problems such as infections and asthma. Excess moisture in the air that cannot escape leads condensation and mould building up on the walls. Touching or inhaling mould spores can result in allergic reactions, skin rashes and issues breathing, so it’s best to avoid that kind of environment where possible. 

Open windows and doors to help circulate the air and try heating your home a little more. Repair any house leaks and dry washing outside if you have space, this should help keep condensation at arm's length. If you need a little more help, it might be worth investing in a dehumidifier and leave it on overnight to work its magic. 

Dust mites and bed bugs

Surfaces and fabrics are the perfect location for these pesky little insects to take up residency but can easily be controlled if you're organised. Wash your bed sheets often and vacuum as much as you can to reduce the risk of germs being spread around the home. 

Don’t forget your soft furnishings either. Sofas and armchairs are prime problem areas but often get overlooked. As they’re difficult to clean it might be worth calling in the professionals, Cherry Carpet Cleaning tackle both carpets and upholstery and leave your home looking as good as new. 

It’s a fact of life that germs will build up in your home, but it’s not worth getting worked up about. Just keep your housework in check and bacteria at bay, your health will thank you for it later. Not forgetting the peace of mind you’ll have when you sit back and admire your refreshingly clean home. 

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