What to look for when buying plants for indoors

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Thursday, June 10, 2021 - 7:09am

Indoor plants have become all the rage these days. In the past it was always the older generation who were keen on plants, but more youngsters are becoming green fingered.  In this article, we will look at the different reasons for purchasing plants among all age groups. Curious what drives them to "go green"?

Working from home

More an more people are working from home, it's now is quite normal to work 2-3 and sometimes even a full week from home. This makes it of utmost importance to have a nice environment to help productivity. Research shows that plants can help create such an environment. With Bakker indoor plants, you can not only make your home a nicer place, but they also help clean the air.

A better rest during the night

This brings us to the second reason for purchasing plants. Science tells us that having specific types of plants create more oxygen which helps with sleep. Plants will help you to get to sleep quickly and sleep better and longer - but be careful you don't oversleep! 

As easy as one, two, three

There's no need to go to the local garden center these days. Most people now purchase their plants online - it's easy to order straight from your laptop or smartphone. This not only relates to the plant but also refers to plant information. How much water does a plant need? When does the soil need to be replaced and how do you prevent common plant diseases? With helpful applications, you do not have to keep track of these things yourself, you can simply register to receive notifications to remind you to water your plants.

The online community is growing

Not only is purchasing plants online growing, but there are also vast online communities available, offering a good source of information. Ranging from blogs to social media, some groups just spread the “green” love everywhere. There are even fan groups for certain types of plants, it's a great way to pick up some tips and trick which will help you take care of them more easily.

An appealing area to live

Many benefits come with indoor plants, but most importantly they create a nice ambiance. Small or large, having a few plants around can make a big difference. Not sure which plants suit your room? Social media provides lots of helpful recommendations depending on your interior design and personal taste. Let’s start the plant happiness and see which plants work for you!

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