Top reasons why Cwmbran is a tempting place to live

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Authored by David Banks
Posted Saturday, March 9, 2019 - 12:11pm

New town, Cwmbran, lies within the historic boundaries of Monmouthshire – a stunning county in southeast Wales. But apart from the breath-taking views, Cwmbran can now also pride itself on being the top alternative hotspot for Bristol, according to property website, Zoopla. 

The question is, what does Cwmbran have to offer which makes it so appealing to residents?

It has great amenities 

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and entertaining place to live, you might be tempted by what Cwmbran has to offer. The town is known for its free town centre parking, which is very convenient for those people who always struggle with high parking fees (and finding spare change for the meter!) in other British towns and cities. 

Additionally, Cwmbran is the place to be for when it comes to fulfilling basic living needs, as the city offers a large selection of supermarkets and shops; all situated within walking distance of each other. 

If your shopping is looking to be taking up a lot more room than expected, there are plenty of self-storage options in Cwmbran, and they are much more affordable compared to other parts of the UK.

Cwmbran makes for a perfect location when it comes to individuals who are looking for a safe place to start a family. Cwmbran offers some great schools with the likes of Ysgol Gymraeg Junior and Infants School - which achieved a green rating (meaning that it’s deemed ‘a highly effective school’) in the Welsh Government’s School Categorisation System. 

It offers affordable housing 

If you’re looking to get your foot on the property ladder for the first time, you’re in for a treat as the average property price in Cwmbran can be purchased for as little as £175,771. This is more than three times cheaper than equivalent properties in London (£615,673 on average), and almost twice as cheap as a similar house in Bristol (£298,811). 

By choosing Cwmbran, you’re buying in a location which is less than an hour away from Bristol; one of the country’s most thriving cities for employment. 

It offers solid job opportunities 

Whether you are looking for technical jobs or something lower-skilled, Cwmbran is a place for you. 

With the average salary coming in at £28,228, the town offers some great opportunities; especially for those workers looking for engineering jobs as well as trade and construction roles. 

Cwmbran should be also on the radar for anyone working as a designer, consultant or recruiter, as these professions are in demand there, and offer an average salary of £30,377.

Alternatively, you might want to consider Bristol as your next professional move, which is perfectly commutable from Cwmbran. This former city-centre port, titled as a cultural hub, offers over 20,996 jobs with the average annual salary of £36,237.

Other benefits of living in Wales

If you’re looking to relocate beyond the Severn Bridge, you should also consider other extras offered by Wales to its residents – such as healthcare. 

According to The Independent, the NHS in Wales spends slightly more per person compared to in England (just over £2,000 compared with £1,900 per head). Additionally, Welsh residents can benefit from free prescriptions (£7.65 charge in England).

Bearing in mind the city’s premium location, Cwmbran is also an attractive choice for anyone seeking a perfect work/life balance – thanks to the incredible views and the array of activities available. The town also offers a number of gyms and leisure centres, which are invaluable when it comes to improving overall quality of life and combating stress.