Top 5 tips to better maintain your garden shed

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - 10:40am

The humble garden shed can be an often-overlooked part of our exterior space. Shoved into a corner, out of sight and generally treated without much care and attention. As time goes on, the shed becomes even less favourable as the elements take their toll and claim the beauty that might have once existed. Once perhaps the pride and joy of the chief gardener of the home, it can soon become an unsightly mess, and can even become so poorly maintained that it can no longer even be used for what it was originally intended.

Take a look at our top 5 tips to better maintain your garden shed…

  1. Choose a material which lasts

Ok, so this isn’t specifically a tip to better maintain your shed, but moreover a tip on how to remove the need for maintenance in the first place! In addition to the traditional wood sheds that are readily available, they are other materials in which you can purchase sheds. For example, plastic, steel and loglap (technically wood, but more durable!) – retailers such as Aston Sheds UK have a huge variety on offer. Plastic and steel sheds will not be as susceptible to the same perils that wood is so are likely to last far longer from the outset. So when you’re choosing your next shed, choose wisely!

  1. Keep it clean

This may seem a little different to maintenance but actually, cleaning your shed will play an important role in keeping it looking good and functioning as it should. Cleaning mould off when it starts to form can keep it at bay, keeping locks and hinges free of rust will enable them to secure it too. Not allowing it to become overrun with spiders and their webs and binning all the rubbish that accumulates so there is space to house the tools will all play a key role in maintaining your shed.

  1. Treat it well

If your shed is made of wood, you’ll need to ensure you treat it regularly with the right products, whether it be paint or an oil-based treatment. You probably need to do this once a year to keep on top of it as water that penetrates the wood can damage it beyond repair. It will warp and rot before you know it otherwise!

  1. Fill in the holes

If holes form anywhere in your shed you need to repair them as soon as possible. Not only could they let water in but other damaging items such as leaves, more bugs, birds and even rodents looking for a new home.

  1. Fix the roof

A damaged roof is the most likely source of water ingress to your shed so check it regularly! Remove leaves as they accumulate and check the felt isn’t coming away – if it is, pin it back down or replace it! As we’ve said, water will seriously damage your shed so keep it out as much as you can!

With the right care and attention, your shed will last you for years and will serve you well in the process. So follow our tips and keep yours shipshape!


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