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Things to Keep in Mind While Cleaning Windows

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Friday, January 8, 2021 - 5:10pm

Window cleaning is one of the most monotonous household chores you can ever come across. But every tedious job can be fun, especially if you do it the right way! The primary concern while cleaning windows is the time and effort that goes into the task. If you’re wasting a lot of your time getting those windows sparkly clean, you’re probably doing it wrong. So here’s a couple of things you need to keep in mind during window cleaning. Read and make your job a lot easier!  Many people would prefer not to have clean their own windows, and if you would prefer a professional window cleaner to clean yours, then why not try one of the specialist window cleaners over at Helpling.

Use Soft Water to Clean Windows

Using hard water to clean your windows will only mess them up more. If you live in a locality where you get hard water supply, try using chemicals to soften the water before you use it for cleaning windows.  Hard water leaves back stains, streaks, and spots on your windows, making it difficult to clean it. This happens due to the presence of calcium and magnesium in this water. The best way out is to soften the water using chemical solutions available and then clean the windows.

Choose the Right Window Cleaner

Window cleaning is instant and effortless, only if you choose the right window cleaner. You have to be careful about which cleaner you are choosing, else your windows may get further damaged. For example, if you have tinted or coated windows, you should steer clear ammonia-based window cleaners. Opt for cleansers that are more gentle and will protect your windows as you clean them. If you are environment conscious, you can also use DIY window cleaners. They not only leave back a pleasant fragrance but also clean up your windows really well.

Use Microfiber Cloth

Most of us use the easiest available thing in our home to clean windows – newspapers! Temporarily using newspapers to clean up windows is fine, but you need to know that newspapers can damage windows in the long run. Thanks to the chemicals used in the newspaper ink, using them to clean windows can make your windows look dirtier than clean overtime. Using a microfiber cloth to clean windows is the best way out. It is gentle, absorbs well, and will clean off all the dirt from your windows instantly.

Clean the Windows Inside out

The easy way out is to clean windows from the outside. But have you ever thought of cleaning them from the insides too? And what about the screen, that requires cleaning too. If your windows are at a reachable height, it is possible to do the overall cleaning. If not, you need to opt for professional services – at nominal prices, the trained window cleaners clean up every nook and corner of your window in no time at all!

Summing up

We hope window cleaning is more manageable and a lot of fun for you after knowing these essential tips!  And remember, you can find top quality window cleaners over at Helping!


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