Manage your move: How to be in the right position for buying a house

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Authored by Claire Small
Posted Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 7:43am

Notifying bill companies, sorting through belongings, the endless coming and going of cardboard boxes…moving properties is stressful enough without the burden of ensuring that our finances are in complete order — which is, of course, the most important part of it!

With this simple way of money planning before the big move, however, you will be able to cut out the financial challenges of moving all together. 

Invest Wisely 

Prior to buying a property, it can be useful to list all the required payments to be made over the next few years. It’s worth doing this before comparing the costs of each to the cost and interest rates of the mortgage, loan or other fees that your new home may incur. 

Understanding the ways in which your new abode could influence your outgoings over the next five years, for example, may help to offer financial security as well as peace of mind before, during and after moving. 

In addition, the effect of Brexit on house prices will also have an impact. Keeping this in mind while planning your finances is worthwhile. 

Consider Your Position 

Noting your credit history and future monetary plans can be a useful step towards ensuring that your dream home becomes a reality, where worries over mortgage and loan repayments are non-existent. 

Similarly, preparing for unexpected costs, such as medical expenses while abroad, can be a valuable way of making sure that you are not caught out when you also have to pay off a mortgage. Making sure that we are as financially independent as possible before we commit to buying a house means you can plan for other expenses. 

Prepare for Extra Costs 

Relocating is not just about moving to another house: it can involve decorating fees, renovation costs, and other expenses, too. Considering additional spending in advance can save huge amounts of time and money. If you know that your future home will require some extensive sprucing up, it’s worth having some contingency funds ready for any repairs or updates that need to be made. 

When we prepare for big financial ventures, we avoid risks of hassle, grievances and challenges — and buying a house is no exception. By arranging how money is spent before, during and after a move, we can enjoy our moving adventure.