How to make a small bedroom look great

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted Tuesday, November 23, 2021 - 6:19am

In the new age, its all about making the most out of everything. This explains why small homes have become a common thing around the world. Styling a small home, let alone a small bedroom can be a bit difficult. Its even more difficult if you grew up in or got used to bigger spaces. Read on for tips on how to make your small bedroom look great.

How to design your small bedroom

Think about the layout

There isn’t much that goes into the layout of a small bedroom. The most important thing is to choose one side of the wall furthest away from the door for bed space or of the room is a little bigger the center of the wall across your door will be best option. Basically, arrange the bed in a way you will have plenty of room to walk in and some to store other needed furniture.

Maximize the storage space

  • Get multifunctional furniture

The first logical tip for designing and furnishing any small bedroom space is to get multifunctional furniture. This can save you a lot on space. For instance, you could get a nightstand that can also be a desk.

Instead of getting a plain gigantic headboard for your bed, consider one with some gaps for storage that you can use as a shelf for storing lamps, you book and jewelry. It prevents you from getting bulky bedside tables that will take up most of the space on your bed’s side of the room.

  • Off floor storage system

Off storage units have become popular, especially in minimalistic homes. Instead of getting a bedside table, people opt on hanging it as storage unite next to the bed. This makes your room appear more spacey. Another tip for off floor storage is to get a wall-mounted lighting instead of a desk lamp for your small bedroom. It will reduce the need for a side table and frees us much needed space for you.

  • Storage on alcove spaces

In a small bedroom, awkward corners and alcoves can come in handy when creating storage solutions in the bedroom. These are the perfect spaces to place bespoke carboards and open shelves. They not only make your room open and clatter free but add a touch of modern design in the space.

  • Floor to ceiling storage system

Tall wardrobes save you a lot of space. Consider getting one that runs from the floor of your room to almost the ceiling. You can use this to store all your belongings and leave the room clutter free. The small space above the wardrobe can also serve as extra storage for boxed items.

Don’t go for bigger furniture

A small space does not always need to be decorated with bigger furniture. However, I think we can all agree that furnishing a small bedroom with a bigger bed will take away all the space and make the room look small and cluttered. If you are going for a bigger bed, make sure you have enough space on both sides to walk around the room. Or, you could opt for a multifunctional bed that turns into a chair during the day or a foldable mattress that will create room for you to work with during the day. Check best reviewed online furniture stores for the best mattress and furniture that will suit your small bedroom space.

Use brighter colors to make the room seem more spacy

 The color scheme you chose play a big role into how you will perceive the room. Dark colors or rainbow colors in a small bedroom make it seem small and clattered. Go for bright, block and pastel colors to make it lighter and seem more spacious.

Create a space illusion with mirrors

Using mirrors to make a room more spacy is a common design trick that is used everywhere. Besides, they will also make your look prettier and you will have a well -lit mirror in your bedroom that you can use when getting ready. Placing it strategically across a well-lit window will reflect into other parts, making the room well lit and giving the illusion that it is bigger.

Let more light in

Avoiding window treatments when you have a small bedroom space allows more natural space into the room, making it appear bigger.



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